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Libelium Bluetooth Module PRO for Waspmote

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  • Libelium Bluetooth Module PRO for Waspmote

    This Bluetooth Module PRO has been mainly designed to discover a high amount of Bluetooth devices in a variable area.It can be connected to a Xbee shield for Arduino to work.

    Waspmote is an open source wireless sensor platform especially focused on the implementation of low consumption modes which allows the sensor nodes ("motes") to be completely autonomous, that is battery powered. The lifetime of Waspmote sensor nodes may go from 1 to 5 years depending on the duty cycle and the radio used.

    Waspmote is based on a modular architecture. The idea is to integrate only the modules needed in each device optimizing costs. For this reason, n all the modules (radios, sensor boards, etc) plugin Waspmote through sockets.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Chip: Bluegiga WT12
    • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR. Class 2
    • TX Power: 7 Power levels [-27dBm, +3dBm]
    • RX sensitivity:  -90 dBm
    • Antenna: 2dBi or 5dBi
    • Range: from 10 to 50 meters depending tx power and environment conditions.
    • Received Strength Signal Indicator (RSSI) for each scanned device
    • Class of Device (CoD) for each scanned device

    Special features:

    • Bluetooth module integrates a firmware called Iwrap, developed by the manufacturer which offers many possibilities.
    • Moreover, Libelium has developed a specific API to allow using this module with Waspmote. There are many useful functions which can be used as a guideline for other designs. Refer to Libelium web site for more information.

    You will need batteries to use Waspmote as an autonomous device.

    Note: This product includes the new generation Waspmote v1.5. 

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