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Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture

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  • Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture

    The Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense line allows you to easily deploy Internet of Things networks in an easy and scalable way, ensuring minimum maintenance costs.

    The platform consists of a robust waterproof enclosure with specific external sockets to connect the sensors, the solar panel, the antenna and even the USB cable in order to reprogram the node.

    The Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense has been specially designed to be scalable, easy to deploy and maintain.

    The Smart Agriculture models allow monitoring multiple environmental parameters involving a wide range of applications. It has been provided with sensors for air and soil temperature and humidity, solar visible radiation, wind speed and direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, etc. The main applications for this Waspmote Plug & Sense! model are precision agriculture, irrigation systems, greenhouses, weather stations, etc.


    • 10 models. More than 120 sensors.
    • Add or change a sensor probe in seconds
    • Robust waterproof IP65 enclosure and special brackets for installation in street lights
    • Solar powered with internal and external panel
    • Radios: 802.15.4, 868, 900, WiFi, 4G, Sigfox and LoRaWAN
    • Industrial Protocols: RS-232, RS-485, 4-20 mA, Modbus, CAN Bus
    • Over the Air Programming (OTA)
    • Fully certified for the main markets: CE, FCC, IC, ANATEL, RCM, PTCRB, AT&T

    Change sensor probes in just seconds

    Sensor probes can be attached easily by just screwing them into the bottom sockets. This allows you to add new sensing capabilities to existing networks in just minutes.

    In the same way, sensor probes may be easily replaced in order to ensure the lowest maintenance cost of the sensor network.

    Sensor List that can be used directly with the Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture:

    • Weather Station WS-3000 (anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer) - 9256-P
    • Soil Moisture - 9248-P (1.5m), 9324-P (4.5m), 9323-P (8m)
    • Soil Temperature - 86949-P
    • Temperature + Humidity + Pressure - 9370-P
    • Luminosity (Luxes accuracy) - 9325-P
    • Ultrasound (distance measurement) - 9246-P
    • Leaf Wetness - 9249-P

    External and internal Solar Panel

    The battery can be recharged using the internal or external solar panel options (common USB-recharging is, of course, another option).

    The external solar panel is mounted on a 45º holder which ensures the maximum performance of each outdoor installation.

    For the internal option, the solar panel is embedded on the front of the enclosure, perfect for use where space is a major challenge.

    The rechargeable battery has a load of 6600 mAh, what ensures non-stop working time during the weeks where the sunlight is lower.

    A non-rechargeable battery option of extreme load (26 Ah) is also possible for projects where a solar panel cannot be used.

    High sensitivity and transmission power

    There are multiple radio options in order to communicate the sensor nodes with the Gateway. 802.15.4, 868 and 900 are used commonly in order to create local, start topologies. WiFi can be used to connect with any WiFi AP while the 4G radio can be used to send the sensor data directly to the Cloud without using an intermediate Gateway. Sigfox and LoRaWAN modules are special for IoT applications and get very long range links.

    Link to download Libelium Plug & Sense Technical Guide

    The complete list of the available radios is:

    • 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz), 2 versions: Europe and world
    • RF (868 MHz)
    • RF (900 MHz), 3 versions: US, Brazil, and Australia
    • WiFi (2.4 GHz)
    • 4G, 3 versions: Europe/Brazil, US, and Australia
    • Sigfox, 2 versions: Europe and US
    • LoRaWAN, 2 versions: Europe and US

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