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Phidget SBC3 - Single Board Computer - 1073_0

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  • Phidget SBC3 - Single Board Computer - 1073_0

    The Phidget SBC3 is a Single Board Computer with an integrated PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8. At its most basic, it can be thought of as a Phidget that you connect using a network cable instead of USB. The PhidgetSBC3 also provides six high-speed ports that allow you to use normal USB Phidgets over its network connection. This can extend the effective range of a Phidget from USB’s maximum of 15 feet, to anywhere that your network reaches.

    The Phidget SBC3 exposes an easy to use interface for setting up and running custom applications on-board. This allows the PhidgetSBC3 to operate autonomously, without the need for a graphical interface or a remote connection at all times.

    For more advanced users, the PhidgetSBC is an embedded computer that runs Debian GNU/Linux. We provide full shell access via a built-in SSH server, access to the full Debian package repository, and all of the standard command line tools expected on a modern Linux system.

    An integrated PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8  allows you to connect devices to any of 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. It provides a generic, convenient way to interface your PC and PhidgetSBC with a wide variety of devices and it operates exactly the same way as an external PhidgetInterfaceKit.

    Programming Environment

    Support for C, C++, Java, .NET(Mono), or Python can be added from the Debian package repository, as outlined in the user guide.

    Comes Packaged with

    • 2m Cat-5e network cable
    • A Hardware mounting kit (4 nuts and bolts (M3), 4 plastic spacers)

    Product Specifications

    CPU Freescale i.MX28
    Core ARM926EJ-S
    CPU Speed 454 MHz
    NAND Memory Size 1 GiB
    SDRAM Size 128 MiB
    Boot Time 30 s
    Ethernet Cable 10/100BASE-T
    Operating System Debian Linux
    Supply Voltage Min 6 V DC
    Supply Voltage Max 15 V DC
    Available External Current 500 mA
    Power Jack Hole Diameter 5.5 mm
    Power Jack Pin Diameter 2.1 mm
    Power Jack Polarity Center Positive
    Recommended Wire Size 16 - 26 AWG
    Operating Temperature Min 0 °C
    Operating Temperature Max 70 °C
    Power Consumption Base (w/ Ethernet) 1.2 W
    Voltage Inputs
    Number of Voltage Inputs 8
    Voltage Input Resolution 10 bit
    Input Impedance 900 kΩ
    Input Voltage Min 0 V DC
    Input Voltage Max 5 V DC
    5V Reference Error Max 0.5 %
    Voltage Input Update Rate Min 1 samples/s
    Voltage Input Update Rate Max (4 Channels) 1000 samples/s
    Voltage Input Update Rate Max (8 Channels) 500 samples/s
    Voltage Input Update Rate Max (WebService) 62.5 samples/s
    Digital Inputs
    Number of Digital Inputs 8
    Pull-up Resistance 15 kΩ
    Low Voltage Max (True) 900 mV DC
    High Voltage Min (False) 4.2 V DC
    Low Voltage Trigger Length Min 4 ms
    High Voltage Trigger Length Min 15 ms
    Digital Input Voltage Max ± 15 V DC
    Digital Input Update Rate 125 samples/s
    Digital Outputs
    Number of Digital Outputs 8
    Series Resistance 300 Ω
    Digital Output Current Max 16 mA
    Digital Output Voltage Min 0 V DC
    Digital Output Voltage Max 5 V DC
    USB Hub
    Number of USB Ports 6
    Available Current per USB Port 500 mA
    USB Speed High Speed




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