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Thinxtra XKit4 - First Complete Sigfox Ready Development Kit

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Thinxtra XKit4 (RCZ4) - First Complete Sigfox Ready Development Kit

The perfect way to get started with Sigfox, the Thinxtra devkit Xkit boasts a full suite of features and accessories to empower anyone to set up an IoT solution, even with very little hardware experience. Perfect for start-ups, design houses, universities and schools, the kit has everything you need to hit the ground running using the globally available Sigfox network.

Worldwide Reach:

Using Wisol module (WSSFM10), pin-to-pin compatible for each region:

  • RCZ1- Europe
  • RCZ2- USA/Mexico/Brazil
  • RCZ4- Australia/New Zealand/South East Asia/Rest of South America


  • Offer worldwide reach with one devkit (but 3 versions)
  • One hardware layout (reduce costs)
  • Firmware independent from the Sigfox zones (simplicity)
  • Same support and teaching whatever the zone

Included In the box:

  • Thinxtra Shield (with embedded on board: temperature, pressure, light, shock and 3D accelerometer sensors, 2 LEDs and 1 push button)
  • Arduino Uno R3 board clone (already plugged in the shield)
  • External Antenna 8.5cm for best connectivity
  • USB cable (to plug into a Raspberry Pi or PC or use to re-flash the Arduino board)
  • Battery Holder (so kit works independently of any computer)
  • 1-year connectivity on Sigfox global network

Multi Hardware Development Platforms

Thinxtra Xkit devkit supports multiple hardware development platforms for non-technical or experts to allow discovery and development.

The Thinxtra shield can be used with:

  • Arduino Uno R3 board or equivalent (included)
  • ST Microelectronics Nucleo development board
  • Freescale development board

The Thinxtra shield, using its USB port, can also be plugged into:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • PC Computer
  • Mac Computer (for latest Mac OS X Sierra 10.12, please load drivers here)


Opportunity for Device Makers to promote Sigfox connectivity and to build a quick proof-of-concept.

Cost Effective

Thinxtra offers its all-inclusive solution at an UNBEATABLE price:
3 References / Sigfox RC Zone 1, 2 or 4:

XKIT-1  | XKIT-2 | XKIT-4


Thinxtra XKit4 - First Complete Sigfox Ready Development Kit

Technical Support Free

Thinxtra intends to provide the IoT community useful libraries and tutorials (youtube, tech blogs), so they can learn from it and then self-support.

Thinxtra Xkit devkit supports the 3 most common development platforms:

Thinxtra provides tutorials to demonstrate full “end-to-end” solution in partnership with:


Follow the setup guide on this Thinxtra web page, or simply watch below tutorial.


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