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Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit

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  • Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit

    Microsoft Azure Sphere is a solution for creating highly-secured, connected, MCU-powered devices. Azure Sphere brings together the best of Microsoft’s expertise in cloud, software, and silicon—resulting in a unique approach to security that starts in the silicon and extends to the cloud. Together, Azure Sphere certified MCUs, the Azure Sphere OS, and the Azure Sphere Security Service provide you with the confidence and the power to reimagine your business and create the future.

    Azure Sphere provides three levels of security technology:

    1.Secured MCU

    Secured from the silicon up. The new MT3620 crossover class of MCUs combines for the first time both real-time and application processors with built-in Microsoft security technology and connectivity.

    2.Secured OS

    An OS built for security and agility to create a trustworthy platform for new IoT experiences. Our secured OS builds security innovations pioneered in Windows into an HLOS small enough for MCUs.

    3.Cloud Security

    Protect devices with a cloud built for IoT security. The Azure Sphere Security Service renews device security, identifies emerging threats, and brokers trust between device, cloud, and other endpoints.

    About Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit


    Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit is specially designed to support rapid prototyping and to enable developers to experience Azure Sphere technology. MT3620 is the first Azure Sphere certified MCU. Azure Sphere certified MCUs are a new class of secured, connected crossover microcontrollers. MT3620 features three user-accessible microcontroller cores: one ARM Cortex-A7 core and two general purpose ARM Cortex-M4F cores. The MT3620 is designed to support real-time requirements when interfacing with a variety of on-chip peripherals including GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, PWM and ADC. It has a built-in security subsystem with its own dedicated CM4F core for secure boot and secure system operation, along with dual-band 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi.

    Please note that the current Azure Sphere software release does not support all features of the MT3620 hardware, including the two general purpose ARM Cortex-M4F cores, some peripheral interfaces (ADC, I2C, I2S, PWM and SPI), Wi-Fi 802.11a, and RTC with clock selection and battery backup. For ADC and I2C, customers can use MT3620 Grove Shield board, which has a UART to I2C chip and an I2C12-bit ADC chip.


    The Azure Sphere operating system is pre-installed on the MT3620 and is designed to work with the Azure Sphere Security Service to create a secured IoT platform. 

    MT3620 software development is supported using the powerful Microsoft Visual Studio IDE:

    • Install Visual Studio (Support Community, Enterprise or Professional) and the Azure Sphere extension, plug the development board into a PC over USB, and start developing IoT applications with unprecedented levels of security.

    • To use the MT3620 Dev Board for Azure Sphere, you’ll need a Windows 10 PC with the latest Windows Updates, along with Azure Sphere software development kit (SDK).

    Please find the instructions to set up your device here

    Key Features

    • Azure Sphere: End-to-end security for IoT devices

    • Dual-band 802.11 /b/g/n with antenna diversity

    • Tri-core microcontroller with on-chip RAM & flash

    • Microsoft Visual Studio development environment

    • Online authentication & updates for device lifetime

    Technical Details

    Dimensions 85mm x 50mm x 16mm
    Weight G.W 110g    
    Battery Exclude

    Part List

    Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit_EU Version 1
    Micro USB Cable 1


    ECCN 5A002.a.1
    HSCODE 8471504090


    RoHS Compliant
    Certification FCC,CE,MIC,ROHS


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