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Libelium-EXM 4G Noise Analytics Solution Kit

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  • Libelium-EXM 4G Noise Analytics Solution Kit

    The EXM Noise Analytics IoT Solution Kit allows real time monitoring of key parameters in cities, such as sound level and weather conditions to make noise urban maps or to develop weather prediction analytics.

    It includes Smart Cities PRO Solution with a Noise Level Sensor and a Smart Agriculture Solution with a Weather Station.

    The data is sent to the Internet by the 4G radios.

    EXM ΙοΤ PaaS combines powerful analytics and visualization of sensor data, with edge or cloud side processing, connecting with any sensor hardware or protocol. It is designed for B2B enterprise use cases, being secure, white-label, multi-tenant, taking also end user/customer experience into account.

    EXM IoT PaaS has the ability to utilize LoRaWAN communications enabling diverse low-power wireless sensor driven IoT use-cases, such as water/gas meters, water quality monitoring, indoor/outdoor climate/air quality tracking, etc.

    In addition, EXM IoT PaaS can support a plethora of use-cases requiring prediction analytics on weather sensitive resources, such as gas or energy demand forecast, utilizing our extremely accurate, enterprise weather forecast, the “Weather Ex Machina” service.

    More information about EXM IoT PaaS:

    EXM offers a 60 days free trial account

    Rates after the trial: Price depends on custom features and predictive analytics plugins 

    The Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense line allows you to easily deploy Internet of Things networks in an easy and scalable way, ensuring minimum maintenance costs.

    The platform consists of a robust waterproof enclosure with specific external sockets to connect the sensors, the solar panel, the antenna and even the USB cable in order to reprogram the node.

    The Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense has been specially designed to be scalable, easy to deploy and maintain.

    Plug & Sense Features

    • 10 models. More than 120 sensors.
    • Add or change a sensor probe in seconds
    • Robust waterproof IP65 enclosure and special brackets for installation in street lights
    • Solar powered by internal and external panel
    • Radios: 802.15.4, 868, 900, WiFi, 4G, Sigfox and LoRaWAN
    • Industrial Protocols: RS-232, RS-485, 4-20 mA, Modbus, CAN Bus
    • Over the Air Programming (OTA)
    • Fully certified for the main markets: CE, FCC, IC, ANATEL, RCM, PTCRB, AT&T

    Change sensor probes in just seconds

    Sensor probes can be attached easily by just screwing them into the bottom sockets. This allows you to add new sensing capabilities to existing networks in just minutes.

    In the same way, sensor probes may be easily replaced in order to ensure the lowest maintenance cost of the sensor network.

    Hardware Components

    Item Qty
    Plug & Sense! SCP 4G 2
    Plug & Sense! SA 4G 1
    Noise Level Sensor 2
    Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Probe 3
    WS-3000 (anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer) Probe 1
    Item Qty
    outdoors USB cable 3
    USB-220 V Adapter 3
    International adapter 4
    External solar panel 7V - 500mA (power accessory for P&S!) 3

      Technical Consultancy (2 hours included)

      • Arranged in 1-hour time-slot.
      • Online: text, screen share, mic and webcam. Interactive.
      • Useful for:
        • Solve urgent questions that cannot wait forum timelines debug your code.
        • Guide you step by step.
        • Help you to design a system architecture.
        • Improve your program to reduce power consumption, make it more efficient, etc

      Meshlium Specs

      • Multiprotocol IoT gateway. Use up to 4 radios at the same time
      • Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, 802.15.4, RF 868/900
      • 8GB of internal storage
      • MySQL database up and running off-the-shelf
      • Web manager interface
      • Secure protocols (WPA-PSK / HTTPS)
      • Robust aluminium case (IP65)
      • Special holders and brackets ready for installation in street lights and building fronts
      • External SIM socket
      • GPS receiver
      • 4 versions: Europe (EU), USA & Canada (US), Australia (AU), Brazil (BR)
      • Fully certified for the main markets: CE (Europe) / FCC (US) / IC (Canada) / ANATEL (Brazil) / RCM (Australia) / PTCRB (US) / AT&T (US)

      Link to download Libelium Plug & Sense Technical Guide

      The complete list of the available radios is:

      • 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz), 2 versions: Europe and world
      • RF (868 MHz)
      • RF (900 MHz), 3 versions: US, Brazil, and Australia
      • WiFi (2.4 GHz)
      • 4G, 3 versions: Europe/Brazil, US, and Australia
      • Sigfox, 3 versions: Europe, US & AU
      • LoRaWAN, 3 versions: Europe, US & AU

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