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Libelium-Innotech Smart Crowded Solution Kit AU (inc. MS)

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  • Libelium-Innotech Smart Crowded Solution Kit AU (inc. MS)

    This kit includes 2 Meshliums Scanner that allows detecting iPhone and Android devices and in general, any device which works with WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces. These devices can be detected without the need of being connected to a specific Access Point, enabling the detection of any smartphone, laptop or hands-free car kit device which comes into the coverage area of Meshlium.

    Crowded™ is a revolutionary application that offers live collection, analysis and presentation of rich pedestrian movement information gathered by an unlimited number of Meshlium Scanners, including visitor volume, dwell/queue times and individual route information. Crowded™ provides accurate people movement analysis directly to those with whom major decisions lie concerning people movement which will ultimately improve every aspect of the sustainable built environment from public safety, information systems and user experience to congestion, travel cost and urban pollution levels.

    More information about Crowded:

    Hardware Components

    Item Qty
    Meshlium 4G 900 AP Scanner 2
    Item Qty
    International adapter 2

      Technical Consultancy (2 hours included)

      • Arranged in 1-hour time-slot.
      • Online: text, screen share, mic and webcam. Interactive.
      • Useful for:
        • Solve urgent questions that cannot wait forum timelines debug your code.
        • Guide you step by step.
        • Help you to design a system architecture.
        • Improve your program to reduce power consumption, make it more efficient, etc

      Meshlium Specs

      • Multiprotocol IoT gateway. Use up to 4 radios at the same time
      • Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, 802.15.4, RF 868/900
      • 8GB of internal storage
      • MySQL database up and running off-the-shelf
      • Web manager interface
      • Secure protocols (WPA-PSK / HTTPS)
      • Robust aluminium case (IP65)
      • Special holders and brackets ready for installation in street lights and building fronts
      • External SIM socket
      • GPS receiver
      • 4 versions: Europe (EU), USA & Canada (US), Australia (AU), Brazil (BR)
      • Fully certified for the main markets: CE (Europe) / FCC (US) / IC (Canada) / ANATEL (Brazil) / RCM (Australia) / PTCRB (US) / AT&T (US)

      Link to download Libelium Plug & Sense Technical Guide

      The complete list of the available radios is:

      • 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz), 2 versions: Europe and world
      • RF (868 MHz)
      • RF (900 MHz), 3 versions: US, Brazil, and Australia
      • WiFi (2.4 GHz)
      • 4G, 3 versions: Europe/Brazil, US, and Australia
      • Sigfox, 3 versions: Europe, US & AU
      • LoRaWAN, 3 versions: Europe, US & AU

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