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mikroBasic PRO for PIC - MikroE Full-Featured Basic Compiler for PIC

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  • mikroBasic PRO for PIC - MikroE Full-Featured Basic Compiler for PIC

    The price is for the code license option. Please contact for other options.

    mikroBasic PRO for PIC is a full-featured Basic compiler for PIC devices.

    The feature-rich environment you can experience today is the result of 15 years of dedicated work and steady progress. The ever-increasing number of hardware and software libraries, intuitive IDE, integrated Visual TFT software, detailed documentation, a full box of additional tools.

    You will love mikroBasic!


    Pay once and never worry about it again. Once you buy the compiler you are entitled to lifetime free upgrades. Upgrading the compiler takes only a few minutes and a few clicks. We are constantly adding new features to the compiler, you can keep track of what is happening on the Software Roadmap page.

    The support team is always available – you can rely on our help while you are developing. The compiler license guarantees free product lifetime technical support.


    mikroBasic offers a unique mechanism to easily use libraries in your project, just select the libraries you need and they will be instantly available in your code. No need for dozens of #include directives. You can also install and manage third-party libraries using our package manager and library manager.

    Simply select the libraries you need for your project, by checking the box. Or press the “Check All” button to include them all.

    With more than 1000 library functions you’ll save time, effort and you’ll write better code.

    Visit LibStock and download fully functional and working projects, and install them with a single click.

    Library manager Libstock
    Library manager Libstock

    153 EXAMPLES

    Every single library that is in our compiler is covered by a working example. More than 153 ready-made working examples, to help you understand how the library works or give you useful code snippets for your project.


    The mikroBasic PRO for PIC currently supports 808 PIC and we are constantly adding new ones.

    You can be part of the process by letting us know what microcontroller you wish to see supported next, by using the helpdesk and submitting a ticket.

    Create amazing user interfaces thanks to the integrated Visual TFT

    The integrated solution allows for a streamlined workflow. Drag and drop graphic elements while the compiler generates the code automatically in the background. Modify the generated code in the compiler and create event functions. Seamlessly switch between designing and coding using keyboard shortcut F12.

    Try it out for yourself and create fully functional GUIs with just a few clicks. And don’t worry about the code, the compiler will take care of that.

    To enable Visual TFT, you need to acquire the Visual TFT license separately. 

    Visual TFT supports 17 TFT controllers and five different display resolutions. So, we even have the hardware prepared for your next graphics project.


    The ideal environment for you to write, compile, execute, and debug your code. All the tools you could think of, and more, are there. The Library Manager, Interrupt Assistant, Project Explorer, Quick Converter and more.

    Click here to get an in-depth explanation of each part of the IDE.


    The perfect toolbox

    mikroBasic comes equipped with fully-functional software tools that can boost your efficiency and do the job for you, so you can be more productive in your work: LCD Custom Character Tool, GLCD Bitmap Editor, Seven Segment Editor, UART Terminal, UDP Terminal, HID Terminal, ASCII Chart, Active Comments Editor, Interrupt Assistant, Advanced Statistics and much, much more.

    Flexible licensing options


    Buy the compiler and the License Code will be sent to your inbox instantly. Once you activate the license you can use it on up to two computers.


    Do you need a portable license, that can be used on multiple computers? USB Dongle license is the perfect solution.


    Own, manage and deploy multiple software licenses. Instead of buying several licenses at a regular price, use the Site License option and get licenses for your whole team or class at a special price.


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