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Visual GLCD - MikroElektronika Rapid Development of GUI App

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  • Visual GLCD - MikroElektronika Rapid Development of GUI App

    The price is for the code license option. Please contact for other options.

    Visual GLCD is a standalone application used for rapid development of graphical user interfaces for graphic LCD. The software generates code compatible with MikroElektronika compilers, for the following architectures: PICdsPICPIC32ARM and AVR. The software also implements an intuitive environment and many drag-n-drop components which can be used for building applications quickly.

    It’s easy to love Visual GLCD!


    Pay once and never worry about it again. Once you buy Visual GLCD you are entitled to a lifetime of free upgrades. Upgrading the software takes only a few minutes and a few clicks. We are constantly adding new features, and you can keep track of what is happening on the Software Roadmap page.

    The support team is always available – you can rely on our help while you are developing. The software license guarantees free product lifetime technical support.

    As easy as drag-n-drop

    The Visual GLCD drag-n-drop development environment enables you to spend less time programming, allowing you to focus on functionality and design. Grab the object you need and simply drag it to the location of your choice. Move things around until you are satisfied.

    Supported controllers and display sizes

    Visual GLCD supports the most common GLCD controllers and display sizes. See the table below for more information.

    The following microcontrollers can be controlled over SPI as well: KS0108, S6B0108, NT7108C, T6963C, RA6963.

    Unlimited memory with external resources

    Do you need more space for your images and fonts? Do you want to create image slideshows, or to even play a video from MMC/SD Card? With new Resource file feature, Visual TFT software brings you all this and much more. If this option is selected, after code generation, Visual TFT will store all of your images and fonts in the resource file and will optimize them as much as possible for faster utilization. You just have to copy that file onto your MMC/SD card and you are ready to go.

    Visual glcd display sizes

    Code and design in one place

    Visual GLCD supports a wide range of development boards from MikroElektronika, so you’ll have all the hardware you need to get started. Each board has a hardware pattern, a configuration template with hardware connections for GLCD and touch-screen so you can achieve all the necessary settings with a single click.

    Design fantastic GUIs for SmartGLCD in Visual GLCD software with ease. Even if you are a total beginner, you’ll be able to create amazing applications. After you’re finished with the design, there’s no need to worry about the code - source code generated by Visual GLCD will be integrated smoothly into your favourite MikroElektronika compiler.

    The perfect companion for Visual GLCD is the SmartGLCD 240x128, a full-featured board for easy development of embedded graphical application using PIC18F87FK22 microcontroller.

    Flexible licensing options


    Buy the Visual TFT and the License Code will be sent to your inbox instantly. Once you activate the license you can use it on up to two computers.


    Do you need a portable license, that can be used on multiple computers? USB Dongle license is the perfect solution.


    Own, manage and deploy multiple software licenses. Instead of buying several licenses at a regular price, use the Site License option and get licenses for your whole team or class at a special price.


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