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SenseCAP A1101 LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor

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    SenseCAP A1101 LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor

    SenseCAP A1101 - LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor is a TinyML Edge AI-enabled smart image sensor. It supports a variety of AI models such as image recognition, people counting, target detection, meter recognition, etc. It also supports training models with TensorFlow Lite.

    SenseCAP A1101 - LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor is an image recognition AI sensor designed for developers. It will be your choice to open the door to the new TinyML world if you are:

    • a machine learning developer who wants to develop edge AI and vision recognition applications and is finding a low-cost and reliable hardware platform to get started; or
    • a software/hardware engineer who is keen to learn about TinyML, the model training process, and the algorism; or
    • an enthusiast simply wants to experience the AI machine learning product without writing a line of code; or
    • a SenseCAP user who wants to add a vision sensor to meet a specific application need; or
    • a solution integrator or business developer who has specific AI application demands that need to deploy and scale in a vertical industry using a low-cost LoRaWAN network;


    SenseCAP A1101 - LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor combines TinyML AI technology and LoRaWAN long-range transmission to enable a low-power, high-performance AI device solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

    This sensor features Himax's high-performance, low-power AI vision solution which supports the Google TensorFlow Lite framework and multiple TinyML AI platforms.


    • Ultra-Low Power and Powerful Himax Camara: 400Mhz DSP, Maximum camera frame rate 640*480*VGA 60 FPS, Local inferencing
    • Low Power and Long Range Transmission: Down to 2.3uWh sleep mode power consumption, powered by Wio-E5 LoRaWAN Modules, transfers data up to miles
    • High Data Security by Edge Computing: Local image inferencing and transfers the final result data to the Cloud, suitable for applications that require limited data transmission and high data privacy.
    • Easy to Visualize Data: Few clicks to display and manage data via SenseCAP Mate App and SenseCAP Dashboard, wide compatibility with other third-party tools
    • High Industrial Protection Grade: -40 ~ 85℃ operating temperature and IP66 rating, suitable for indoor and outdoor deployment
    • Easy for Scalable Deployment: 1min to add and configure the device by scanning the device QR code, low LoRaWAN network cost and maintenance cost ensure business scalability.

    What SenseCAP A1101 could do

    SenseCAP A1101 is a product that needs developers' secondary development in order to deploy in a real-world application, and it enables users:

    1) to test SenseCAP A1101 with the two demo models provided in the product (people detection, and meter recognition) and experience Vision AI application;

    2) to collect images using SenseCAP A1101 and generate a dataset through an annotate platform (e.g.: RoboFlow) ;

    3) to train and generate their own models through third-party AI training tools and deploy them to SenseCAP A1101;

    4) to cooperate with an AI industry partner on dataset generation, model training, algorism development, etc. to get customized and deployable models for specific application usages and deploy them in the SenseCAP A1101


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