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4G LTE Modules for Transparent Transmission - USR-LTE-7S4

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4G LTE Modules for Transparent Transmission - USR-LTE-7S4


4G Module USR-LTE-7S4 is used to transmit data between a serial port and network server by Operator network. It is configured by AT Command and work in dual transparent transmission mode.
USR-LTE-7S4 is in small size, which is widely used in LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA. It works in transparent transmission mode and more functional software. It has high speed and less time-delay supports FTP protocol.
USR-LTE-7S4 is compatible with 2G module 7S2/7S3, the user can replace 7S3 easily. We add Watchdog function in firmware to ensure the stability if work for a long time.

List of LTE networks:


  • 5 model 12 frequency, supports TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM
  • Based on embedded Linux system, in high stability
  • Support RNDIS remote network driver interface, USB connection
  • 4 Line network connection at same time, TCP and UDP
  • 10KB Serial data buffer each link, data buffer will not lose
  • Registration package and Heartbeat package
  • Parameter is configured by SMS
  • Work mode: Network transmission and HTTPD
  • Basic Command Set
  • Socket distribution protocol can send data to different socket
  • Upgrade firmware for your MCU with FTP
  • Upgrade firmware for your 7S4 with FTP
  • Send message by simple AT Command
  • Synchronous and adaptive Serial port baud rate
  • Its pin is compatible with 2G module 7S2/7S3, Simple replacement

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