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Cytron Servo Motor Arduino Shield (5A)

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  • Cytron Servo Motor Arduino Shield (5A)

    This is the 1st ever servo shield for Arduino that provide build in 5V and 5A output switching regulator.With this servo, you can supply 7V to 25V of power and it will regulate to 5V and 5A (Maximum) to power your favourite servo.

    We believe the most troublesome feature of RC servo is the pulses and power. Shield-Servo offers reliable yet user-friendly RC (Radio Control) Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. Differ from SC16A and SC08A, the shield-Servo is designed to control 8 independent RC (Remote Control) Servo motors simultaneously in a single board with a built-in 5V 5 Ampere switching regulator. Each Servo signal pin is able to generate Servo pulses with a duty cycle from 0.5ms to 2.5ms, which is greater than the range of most Servos, further, allows for Servos to operate in full range of 180 degrees. In order to get SHIELD-Servo working, an Arduino compatible main board (Arduino/Genuino UNO, MegaCT-UNO, CT-ARM, etc)  is needed and the interface is serial (UART). The shield also provide alternative control over 6 pin UART with USB to Serial converter UC00A/UC00B/UC00C or other types of the microcontroller. UART interface presents a flexible, fast and easy to use the feature.

    Specification and Features:

    • New! Now comes with UC00A/UC00C/UART interface for easier communication between the user’s circuit (or PC) and SHIELD-Servo. By using the new UART control, the user can:
      • Activate each Servo independently
      • Control position for each Servo
      • Control Servo speed
    • Not familiar with UART communication? Fret  not,  sample source code forUART  control  is  provided  for  dsPIC30F4013  (C  language),  Arduino  and!
    • Support up to 5A (peak) and 4A(continuous) of total current.
    • Control 8channels Servo independently.
    • Able to drive Servo motor from 7V to 25V with build in a 5V regulator.
    • Optional Position Reporting: User may request the position of an individual Servo.
    • 5V logic level compatible inputs.
    • Independent Starting Position Command for each channel at the next start-up
    • Servo pulse range 0.5ms to 2.5ms.
    • UART baud rate is saved in the non-volatile memory (Factory default is baud rate = 9600).
    • Dimension: 7.4 cm x 6.6 cm

    Packing List:

    • Servo Shield x 1


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