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LOKA Sigfox & WiFi Sniffer Multipurpose Geolocation Tracker

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  • LOKA Sigfox & WiFi Sniffer Multipurpose Geolocation Tracker

    The purchase price includes hardware, software, location services and Sigfox connectivity for one year (everything you need).

    Accurate, affordable indoor and outdoor tracking

    The LOKA is an end-to-end tracking solution that uses Wi-Fi and Sigfox geolocation, rather than relying on GPS. LOKA uses the signal strength and location of WiFi and Sigfox base stations to determine its position.

    Using a WiFi location database and triangulation algorithm, the system provides geolocation that is accurate to 10m or less indoors and 30m or less in outdoor urban environments, unlike GPS, unable of indoors accurate operation.

    Device location data, battery status and temperature can be viewed through the device app, which also allows users to set up a geofence.

    LOKA multipurpose device is revolutionary in its ability to be both flexible and scalable. It can act as a standalone low-cost tracker, and also as a mother or a daughter board allowing to connect a variety of sensors.

    The default firmware allows LOKA device to be a tracking device, along with a temperature sensor and a movement sensor, all configurable from a cloud-based Device Manager.

    The combination of Sigfox and WiFi require less power for communication and geo-location, enabling LOKA’s device to use two AA batteries that can last up to 8 years.

    It includes:

    • 2 X Analog IO lines 8 Digital IO lines  UART / Serial Port (AT commands available)  
    • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n transceiver 3D Sensor , Magnetic Sensor , Temperature Sensor Input VCC: From 1.8V to 3.3 V.

    The device is constantly sensing the environment temperature and is able to transmit the temperature variation over a Sigfox message.

    The device could also be configured to send alarms when the temperature becomes higher or lower than a certain threshold.

    Technical Specifications

    LOKA User Guide

    LOKA Device User Manual

    LOKA IoT Platform API

    LOKA Web APP User Manual

    LOKA User Cases 




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