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Arducam Mega 5MP SPI Universal Camera Autofocus Lens B0401

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    Arducam Mega 5MP SPI Universal Camera Autofocus Lens B0401

    Arducam Mega 5MP Rolling Shutter camera is the latest product developed by Arducam Team. The Ultra High Stability and Accuracy and Open Source API of this camera can realize your project more effectively. Arducam team is committed to creating more convenient and more efficient camera solutions. We have expanded the using scope of the image sensor, enabling the camera to realize your various projects.
    Meanwhile, the camera is featured Low Power Consumption and Super Sharp Images. We also equipped this camera with an autofocus lens. With autofocus function, you can achieve projects at various distances without manual focus, which will greatly enhance the flexibility of your work.


    • Assets Monitoring
    • Space Journey
    • Environmental Observation
    • Dynamics Capture
    • loT Automation


    • Easy Using: Extremely easy to use. High-level commands were built in so you manipulate the camera through API access like using a DSLR camera via button clicks.
    • Programmable Autofocus: Equiped with an Autofocus Lens which can achieve autofocus at different distances. Suitable for the IoT activities.
    • Multiplexing Made Easy: Up to 4 cameras running on a single MCU by using an adapter board. They capture at the same time with sequential readout then.
    • Open Source SDK: The SDK is fully open-source with lean architecture with a hardware abstraction layer, which allows you to add a new MCU without effort.
    • One Fits All: It fits any microcontroller with a single standard SPI interface (either native or mimic). 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit, ARM, RISC-V, or others. Arduino, STM8/STM32, ESP8266/ESP32, MSP430, Nordic, Renesas, and countless more.


    Optical Size 1/4''
    Speed 8Mhz
    Number of effective pixels 2592x1944
    Power Supply 3.3V/5V
    Interface SPI(4-wire)
    Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
    Color Filter Color
    Power Consumption(ldle/Working) 182mW-650mW
    Field of View 68.75°(D)
    F.NO F2.0
    Lens Type Stock Lens
    Focal Length 3.3mm
    Focus Distance 8cm-INF
    Electric Current (Idle/Working) 55mA-154mA
    Output Format RGB/YUV/JPEG
    Camera Board Size 33x33x17 mm
    Connector No. XH2.54-6P

    Package Including

    • 1 x Arducam Mega 5MP SPI Camera
    • 1 x 300mm 6pin cable


    • The package contains small contents, please keep it away from children to avoid accidental ingestion
    • After receiving the package, please confirm whether the contents of the package are consistent with the description.
    • No MCU board (Arduino, STM8/STM32, ESP8266/ESP32, Rpi Pico, etc) is included in the package
    • Arducam Mega Camera can be used on any Microcontroller board, but note that you will need the corresponding code and software to use it, please refer to the following documentation for details.




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