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micro bit MikroE Click Adapter

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  • micro:bit Click Adapter - MikroElektronika mikroBUS Sockets

    The BBC micro:bit is a credit card sized microcontroller development system, with a  very simple and user-friendly visual programming interface, designed to introduce the kids to the world of embedded electronics. The micro:bit project is managed by the micro:bit Educational Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organization with a very noble goal: giving children around the world a chance to get creative with the technology. You can find more information about the micro:bit project on the official web page.

    However, this little development system can be interesting even for more experienced developers, because in its heart, there is a powerful nRF51822 SoC with a 16 MHz ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller (MCU) with 256 KB Flash and 16 KB RAM, beating. By inserting this ingeniously designed symmetrical development board into the micro:bit Click adapter, the world of possibilities grows exponentially: more than 400 different sensors, displays, drivers, radios, buttons, switches, faders, encoders, relays, converters, and more - neatly packed into the standardized Click board™ form factor, will be just under your fingertips.

    Once installed onto the micro:bit Click adapter, the BBC micro:bit can really open the doors to the world of embedded electronics. For those who are more curious, who want to know more: take a peek at the device's datasheet, see which I2C slave address is required, which register turns on that BLUE channel of the RGB driver 3 click and send in the data. Put the I2C, SPI and Serial communication blocks of the micro:bit IDE to a good use!

    Note: BBC's micro:bit is not included in the package.

    The micro:bit Click adapter comes equipped with two proprietary mikroBUS™ sockets, allowing all the Click board™ devices to be interfaced with the micro:bit with no efforts at all. It is enough to place the small standardized add-on board of your choice on the top of the mikroBUS™ socket - and click it in. That is why this small add-on board is called Click board™ - it just clicks!

    The mikroBUS™ standard is founded and maintained by MikroElektronika company, allowing all the various Click boards™ to perfectly fit in, without any compatibility issues. Besides the 3.3V available from the micro:bit itself, the micro:bit Click adapter offers an additional 5V power supply (switchable through the onboard switch), required by some of the Click boards™. This allows interfacing with an extended range of different devices. More information about the mikroBUS™ standard can be found on the official mikroBUS™ page.

    The micro:bit Click adapter is powered from the micro:bit itself. An 80pin edge connector allows easy installation to the micro:bit board. Due to the micro:bit symmetrical design, there is no wrong way of connecting. It can be plugged into the connector both ways, keeping it simple.

    Specification Table

    Type Adapter
    Applications Adding Click board functionalities to the micro:bit
    On-board modules Two mikroBUS™ sockets, 80pin edge connector for the micro:bit board
    Interface PWM,UART,Analog,I2C,SPI
    Input Voltage 3.3V, 5V


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