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Industrial Serial RS232 RS485 to LoRa Converter USR-LG206-H

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  • Industrial Serial RS232 RS485 to LoRa Converter USR-LG206-H

    • Support point-to-point protocol and fixed-point transmitting mode
    • Long communication distance, anti-interference, high sensitivity and air waking up
    • RS485 interface with EMC high-level protection

    Basic function:

    Realize point-to-point data transmission between two serial devices by two LG206-P without any data transmission protocol.


    Parameter  Value
    Wireless parameters  
    Frequency band L:398-525MHz, H:803-930MHz
    Transmitting power


    Receiving sensitivity -138.5dBm@0.268Kbps
    Transmission distance 3500 meters. Test condition: Open area, clear weather, 20dBm transmitting power, 5dBi antenna gain, height is greater than 2 meters, 0.268K air rate.
    Antenna SMA
    Hardware parameters  
    Data interface

    Serial port: Support RS232/RS485.


    Baud rate: 1200bps~115200bps

    Working voltage 5V~36V
    Working current

    Transmitting current: 45mA@12V.

    Standby mode: 12mA@12V.
    Working temperature -30℃~+80℃
    Storage temperature -45℃~+90℃
    Working humidity 10~90%RH
    Storage humidity 10~90%RH



    Antenna interface 

    Terminal power supply interface  Reload

    Reload button

    Power supply interface 

    SX127X solution:

    Ultra-low power demand design

    Powerful anti-interference capacity

    Long communication distance:

     Long transmission distance and powerful penetrating power.

    Data transmission is more stable than the traditional mode.

    Be suited to long-distance data collection.

    Anti-interference High receiving sensitivity:

    Unique signal frequency spectrum amplification

    -138.5dBm  Receiving sensitivity can reach -138.5dBm

    Hardware protection:

    Full wired terminal installation and protection for lightning strike

    High current protection for power supply and interface

    2KV   RS485 anti-surge protection: 2KV

    Over-current protection for power supply


    When there is instantaneous high current in the circuit(such as power switch, etc.), it can ensure that the device hardware is not damaged.

    ±2KV Power supply interface ±2KV

    ±2KV Ethernet interface and serial port ±2KV


    Prevent electrostatic damage equipment(Such as: dust electrostatic, electric arc, etc.)

     ±15KV   Air ±15KV

     ±8KV  Contact ±8KV


    Well-designed hardware watchdog which can realize 24 hours stable operation.


    Use AT command to control data encryption transmission to provide security communication mechanism.

    o realize three elements of security: confidentiality, security and availability.

    Serial device, Plain text,  Encryption, Cipher text,  Decode, Messy code.

    Work mode:

    Transparent transmission mode

    Realize point-to-point data transmission between two serial devices by two LG206-P.

    Serial device.

    AT command mode

    Support serial AT command to query/set parameters

    Fixed-point transmitting mode

    In fixed-point transmitting mode, LG206-P can change destination address and channel flexibly when LG206-P is transmitting data to realize flexibly changing object module.

    Serial device, Transmit, Channel.


    Smart metering

    Distribution box /Control room

    Can realize long-distance data collection to improve work efficiency

    Low power consumption and adjustable transmission rate, which can reduce battery change frequency

    Arrange nodes reasonably which can help management and all-sided detection

    Smart oil field

    Control room

    Real-time detection to devices which can help management

    Long-distance and wireless transmission, and free from the tariff cost

    Powerful anti-interference capacity and data transmission won’t be influenced in harsh environment

    Smart agriculture

    Control room

    Real-time greenhouses’ sensor data transmission which can help management, reduce operation cost and increase revenue

    Timely and valid data transmission and it can improve agricultural yield and avoid waste of resources


    USR-LG206-P-UserManual_V1.0.6.01 | download 

    Instruction for Transparent Transmission mode of LG206-P

    Utility Software Tool

    Note: This kit includes the antenna, AU power adapter, and DB9 cable.


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