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RF Explorer Pro - Touch Screen Spectrum Analyzer

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    RF Explorer Pro - Touch Screen Spectrum Analyzer

    The RF Explorer®Pro is a highly integrated RF analysis and optimization instrument, that presents the ability of a Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, and Signal Tracking Generator, offering precise sweep spectrum analysis, fast detection, and continuous monitoring capabilities. With an advanced touch all-screen display and heatmap coverage map feature, it is ideal for various RF analysis and optimization applications.


    • A highly-integrated instrument for enhanced RF analysis and optimization:
      • Spectrum Analyzer fo15MHz to 7.5GHz precise sweep spectrum analyzer scans with multiple advanced modes(Zero SpanWaterfall 2D and 3D, etc)
      • Power Meter for resolving 10MHz ~ 8GHz band detection events in just 100uS with the continuous model
      • Signal Tracking Generator for rapid diagnostics and characterization of cables, filters, and amplifiers with the ranger of 24MHz to 6GHz
    • Advanced touch all-screen display: Offer 1280x800 pixels and 16.7M color, with 250 cd/m2 luminance and 800:1 contrast ratio
    • Heatmap Coverage Map: Utilize the external GPS assistance and internal manual operation to measure signal strength on the go, creating a heatmap of coverage areas.
    • Wi-Fi Analyzer: Detect signals across the 2.4/5.8GHz band, accurately identifying WiFi interference, collisions, and noise in any environment.
    • Multiple Peripherals: 1x USB3.0, 1x Audio Jack, 1x Micro HDMI port, 1x Micro SD card slot, 1x Ethernet with USB adapter, 1x Internal Battery for easy porting

      The RF Explorer®Pro is a cutting-edge RF instrument that combines an advanced touch screen, high-resolution display, and state-of-the-art RF electronics to deliver precise sweep spectrum analysis. It represents the culmination of more than 15 years of experience in developing robust RF high-frequency instruments that are both cost-sensitive and widely utilized worldwide.

      Equipped with advanced modes like Zero Span, Waterfall 2D and 3D, and Power Channel, this analyzer offers enhanced flexibility to effectively handle a wide range of scenarios. It simplifies the capture and replay of elusive events, enabling optimal monitoring of IoT, radio packets, and continuous modulated and unmodulated signals.

      The device's wideband design allows it to resolve 8GHz band detection events in just 100uS, ensuring accurate and fast detection across a broad frequency range. Its advanced power meter offers continuous and trigger modes for precise power measurement and analysis, with the trigger mode enabling the accurate capture of pulse and fast events that may be challenging to capture using other methods.

      With the tracking generator feature, rapid diagnostics and characterization of cables, filters, and amplifiers are possible. When combined with a directional coupler, it can measure impedance and characterize antenna Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR).

      The integrated internal preamplifier LNA and attenuators significantly increase the dynamic range of the device, enabling it to handle low-level and high-level RF signals effectively. Additionally, the cable tester allows for instant and easy checks of RF cables, ensuring their proper functioning.

      Configurable radio standards enable easy channel measurements to match specific radio standards, ensuring compatibility and accuracy. The heatmap coverage map feature utilizes external GPS assistance and internal manual operation to measure signal strength on the go, creating a visual heatmap of coverage areas. Note that displaying geolocated data positions on a map currently requires a computer connected to the Internet.

      Advanced frequency coordination features are specifically designed for A/V and Wireless Microphone applications, minimizing interference and intermodulation while enabling continuous monitoring.

      The WiFi analyzer capability allows the detection of signals present on any 2.4/5.8GHz band channel, facilitating accurate identification of interference, collisions, and noise in WiFi environments.

      The device offers the ability to automatically save scan data on RAM for easy replay of any event. The captured data can also be manually or automatically saved in binary and CSV formats for later use. Continuous monitoring and alerting ensure that users stay informed with reliable alerts, including configurable limit lines, to ensure critical events are not missed.

      Seamless data export to USB drives is supported, allowing all captured data to be easily transferred and used in other software applications such as WSM, WWB6, Excel, or Matlab.


      • Multimedia and Wireless Audio
      • Telecommunications and communications
      • Wireless network deployment and optimization
      • IoT
      • RF engineering and testing
      • Wi-Fi network analysis
      • Broadcast and entertainment
      • RF security and surveillance


      This portion includes Spectrum Analyzer Specification, Wideband Power Meter Specification, Electrical and Mechanical Specification, and Electrical and Mechanical Specification

      Spectrum Analyzer Specification


      Value Range


      Frequency range

      15MHz to 3.3GHz (baseline)

      15MHz to 6GHz (license 6G)

      15MHz to 7.5GHz (license 7G)

      Frequency Span

      0 (zero span)

      500KHz to 6GHz (sweep)



      3Khz  2.5MHz

      Future firmware upgrade

      will enable 100Hz  2.5MHz



      Low Frequency Support

      100KHz  240MHz with external

      RF Explorer Upconverter module


      Frequency resolution


      Future firmware upgrade

      will enable 100Hz

      Sweep Time

      3GHz / 280ms

      With RBW 2.5MHz

      Sweep Points


      Frequency stability


      TCXO ±0.5ppm

      Amplitude stability and accuracy



      Factory Calibration

      3K reference points

      Dynamic range (Depending on RBW and Band)

      Direct: -110dBm to +10dBm

      Preamplifier LNA: -130dBm to -30dBm

      Attenuator: -80dBm to +33dBm

      Absolute Max input power

      +33dBm internal Attenuator selected

      Display Average Noise Level


      typical LNA

      Noise Floor


      typical LNA

      WiFi Analyzer

      2.4Ghz / 5.8GHz


      100,000 Sweeps on Memory

      Unlimited Sweeps on File

      File Export

      Compatible CSV and Binary formats

      Suitable for WSM/WWB6/Excel/Matlab

      Wideband Power Meter Specification


      Value Range

      Frequency range

      10MHz to 8GHz

      Dynamic range (Depending on RBW and Band)

      Direct: -60dBm to +10dBm

      Preamplifier LNA: -130dBm to -30dBm

      Attenuator: -80dBm to -10dBm

      Operational Modes



      Event Detection



      2-1024 Trigger Samples

      100,000 Captures on Memory

      Signal Tracking Generator Specification


      Value Range

      Frequency range

      24MHz to 6GHz

      Output power range


      -40dBm to -30dBm in 3dB steps

      -10dBm to 0dBm in 3dB steps


      Operational Modes


      Frequency Sweep

      Amplitude Sweep

      Tracking SNA

      Sweep hops range


      Tracking Speed


      Electrical and Mechanical Specification


      Value Range

      Remote Display

      VNC Compatible

      Video Output

      Micro HDMI port


      Type A USB 3.0


      Ethernet with USB adapter

      Adapter Not Included


      Internal Speaker

      Audio Jack 3.5mm

      Micro SD card

      Up to 64GB

      SD Card Not Included

      Operating temperature


      Operating humidity

      Max 90%

      Connector type

      SMA 50 ohms

      Display Technology

      Anti-glare 8” IPS TFT

      Capacitive Touchscreen

      Display Resolution

      1280x800 pixels

      16.7M color


      570 g




      USB-C 5VDC 2A

      Charger Not Included

      Charge Time


      Internal Battery

      Lithium Ion 4500mAh

      Battery Lifetime

      3.5 – 5hs

      Depending on operational mode


      Back Removable Holder

      Tripod Support

      Compatible with standard

      1/4-20 Camera tripod



      Hardware Overview


      Part List

      RF Explorer Pro Main Equipment


      Rubber Duck UHF 400-900MHz SMA Articulated Antenna


      Black UHF 900-6000MHz SMA Articulated Antenna


      Type-C USB Cable


      Removable Back Holder




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