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IQFLOW IOT Cloud Platform

IQFLOW IOT Cloud Platform Plug & Play Unlimited Customised Package


IQFLOW is a leading Australian technology and Industrial Internet of Things solution provider with extensive expertise in Remote Monitoring and Automation with a specialty in providing customized and tailored solutions for the Telecommunication, Sensing, and Remote Monitoring industries. 

IQFLOW supports various industry partners with Plug and Play Internet of Things Solutions and integration services for all ranges of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies, such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, CAT-M, 4G, 5G, etc.

The IQFLOW IOT cloud data platform offers a comprehensive solution to help connect a wider range of sensors and devices and provide end-to-end solutions to turn your idea into a world-class remote monitoring system. 

Connectivity Solutions Examples:

Our backend provides native interfaces for all LoRaWAN networks and devices. It couldn't be simpler.

We specialize in hardware connectivity via the new cellular technologies LTE and NB-IoT.

We operate our own MQTT broker and can also connect industrial devices via OPC-UA.

For Cellular-Connected Devices, a CoAP service is available that makes efficient use of small amounts of data.

IQFLOW Platform Pricing:

We offer the IQFLOW platform on an annual subscription basis for each device. For 10+ devices we provide a quantity discount and offer a better account deal.

For the NB-IoT or CAT-M1 devices, IQFLOW offers the IoT sim plans tailored to the application plus the integration required for the device to activate on the network and cloud platform.

The IQFLOW subscription plan covers all data charges, data processing, dashboard, app, and alerts for each device. IQFLOW is paying the data charges on your sims when they ship if you add the Sim Plan Annual Subscription.

You may add/remove devices, or upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time, just email or call us to make the adjustment.

Pricing Options:

  1. Once-off Account Access, Gateway and Dashboard Setup ($100): This is a once-off admin cost to set up the user(s) account, dashboard access, and gateway setup and is only charged for new onboarding.
  2. Device Annual Platform Subscription Plan 12 Months ($80): This is the annual subscription for each device that includes programming and integration of the device into the IQFLOW platform, Monthly Data Retention, a dedicated full platform account, and a customizable dashboard, access to full data and backup.
  3. IoT Global IoT SIM Flat Rate Lifetime, 500 MB Data + 250 SMS, Activated before shipping, 4G and CAT-M ($80): This is the IoT lifetime sim plan and includes management and integration of the sim to the device with backend support.

IQFLOW Platform Demo:

You may checkout some demo sensor examples like Temperature and Humidity sensor and Tank Level sensor via login details below. These are the most basic examples and don't show automation features that the platform offers such as unlimited account users, dashboard and control functions at no extra charge. Please contact us for further information. 

IQFLOW Platform Link:

Password: demo1@IQFLOW




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