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MBus Gateway - Programmable M-BUS to Modbus TCP/MQTT/SNMP IoT Converter

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  • MBus Gateway - Programmable M-BUS to Modbus TCP/MQTT/SNMP IoT Converter

    MBUS Gateway is designed by TECHBASE for easy integration of M-BUS and TCP/MQTT/SNMP networks. With this device, M-BUS slave devices can be seamlessly added to an existing Modbus TCP network. It also has a remote web access panel that allows you to manage groups of devices. That makes integration customizable and easy.

    TECHBASE provides solutions for industrial automation, telemetry, remote access and integration with IT systems.

    Additional features for MBus Gateway:

    • Protocol and Interface Converter
    • Data Logger
    • Embedded Web Server
    • Embedded Computer
    • Telemetry/IoT Module
    • PLC
    • Industrial Modem and GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE Router
    • I/O Expansion Module
    • GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE Notify Module
    • Access via Website (Visualize)
    • GPS

    Options Available:

    1. MBus Gateway RTU 10:  M-Bus - Modbus RTU, up to 10 M-Bus Slaves
    2. MBus Gateway RTU 60:  M-Bus - Modbus RTU, up to 60 M-Bus Slaves
    3. MBus Gateway RTU 200:  M-Bus - Modbus RTU, up to 200 M-Bus Slaves
    4. MBus Gateway RTU 400:  M-Bus - Modbus RTU, up to 400 M-Bus Slaves
    5. MBus Gateway TCP 10:  M-Bus - Modbus TCP, up to 10 M-Bus Slaves
    6. MBus Gateway TCP 60:  M-Bus - Modbus TCP, up to 60 M-Bus Slaves
    7. MBus Gateway TCP 200:  M-Bus - Modbus TCP, up to 200 M-Bus Slaves
    8. MBus Gateway TCP 400:  M-Bus - Modbus TCP, up to 400 M-Bus Slaves

    Additional Options:

    • MQTT
    • Data Logger
    • e-mail Gateway
    • ZigBee (ZigBee Gateway + MQTT)
    • SNMP (SNMP Gateway + MQTT)
    • SMS (SMS Gateway + 3G Modem + MQTT)
    Technical specification
    Ethernet Interface
    Protocols Modbus TCP, MQTT, SNMP
    Ethernet ports Up to 2
    Speed 100 MBit/s
    Connector RJ45
    Serial Interface
    Protocols Modbus RTU/ASCII Master/Slave
    Serial ports 1/2/4/8
    Serial port communication RS-232/485
    Connector Screw terminal
    RS-485 Data Direction Control Yes
    Isolation Protection Overvoltage protection transil bidirectional 24V DC, Peak 600W
    Serial Interface Signals
    RS-232 TxD, RxD, GND
    RS-485 Data+, Data-
    MBUS interface
    MBUS slave devices Up to 400
    Interface M-; M-; M+; M+; +24V
    Connector Screw Terminal Block
    Baudrate 300 to 19200 baud/sec
    Surge / Overvoltage protection 24V peak 600W/1ms (up to 3 devices)
    43V peak 600W/1ms (4 and more devices)
    Optoisolation up to 3 devices 2.5kV
    Optoisolation up to 4-10 devices M-BUS - RS-232: 100V AC/DC
    Optoisolation up to 11-400 devices M-BUS - RS-232: 100V AC/DC
    Power Supply - RS 232: 100V AC/DC
    Additional MBUS power input Up to 10 devices: not necessary
    11-400 devices: 20-35 Vdc
    Konfiguracja Web Panel, SSH console, Telnet console, serial console
    Software Linux (kernel 4.4+), iMod, iModCloud
    Network Protocols TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP Client, SNMPv1 (agent), SNMPv2 (agent), ARP, Telnet
    Multi-master and Multi-drop Master mode: 128 TCP laves/servers
    Slave mode: 256 TCP masters/clients
    Mechanical characteristics
    Storage Internal 4GB EMMC, External USB Storage
    Casing ABS
    Dimensions MBUS Gateway 10: 142.3 x 91 x 62mm
    MBUS Gateway 60, 200, 400: 213 x 91 x 62mm
    Montage DIN
    Working conditions
    Working temp -25 ~ 80°C
    Storage temp -25 ~ 80°C
    Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH
    Power supply voltage 7 ~ 30 V DC
    Recommended 12V DC 1A
    Power supply connector Screw terminal
    Power consumption without modem "2 W - 5 W
    (typically 3 W)"
    Power consumption with GPRS modem "4 W - 10 W
    (typically 5 W)"



    Direct link:
    login: techbaseclient
    password: aurora2014

    Link to download MBus Gateway Datasheet

    Link to download MBus Gateway TCP Quick Start Guide

    Link to download MBus Gateway RTU Quick Start Guide

    Link to download MQTT Gateway Guide


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