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Electronic Brick - HC06 Serial Bluetooth Brick Module

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Electronic Brick - HC06 Serial Bluetooth Brick Module

What is an electronic brick? An electronic brick is an electronic module which can be assembled like Lego bricks simply by plugging in and pulling out. Compared to traditional universal boards and circuit modules assembled with various electronic components, electronic brick has standardised interfaces, plug and play, simplifying the construction of prototype circuit on one’s own. There are many types of electronic bricks, with different functions including buttons, sensors, Bluetooth modules, etc, whose functions cover from sensor to motor drive, from Ethernet to wireless communication via Bluetooth, and so on. We will continue to add more types to meet the various needs of different projects.

This Serial Bluetooth brick is easy to use module compatible with existing Stem Basic Shield. It designs for transparent wireless serial connection setup.

By using electronic bricks, you may connect Arduino compatible boards easily with various digital, analogue and I2C/Uart interfaces. These the breadboard-less firm connection are prepared to extensive modules like potentiometers, sensors, relays, servos...even buttons, just plug and play.


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