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Industrial Conductivity, Salinity and TDS Sensor MODBUS-RTU RS485

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    Industrial Conductivity, Salinity and TDS Sensor MODBUS-RTU RS485

    ECTDS10 measures Conductivity, Salinity, TDS with temperature compensation. The output signal can be RS485, Analog Voltage. The sensor is applicable for industrial, water processing, sewerage system, irrigation, and smart agriculture, etc.


    • High performance: high accuracy, fast response, good repeatability
    • Universal protocol: MODBUS RS485, 0-2V
    • Wide-range power supply: 3.9V ~ 30V
    • Robustness: suitable to be immersed in water for a long time
    • Durable: anti-corrosion, automatic temperature compensation
    • User-friendly: Easy to install and integrate

    The EC & TDS Sensor measures the conductivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids (TDS)  in a liquid. The output signal can be RS485 or Analog Voltage. Determining the conductivity, salinity, and TDS of a liquid has many important applications. The EC & TDS Sensor is widely used in monitoring water quality.

    The EC & TDS Sensor was designed with industry standards. And this EC & TDS Sensor (version B) comes with a waterproof aviation connector. It is designed with ATC (automatic temperature compensation), making sure the data is accurate regardless of the temperature changes. This EC & TDS Sensor is IP65 rated, waterproof in a tight seal, capable of withstanding long-term constant use in professional application scenarios. It comes with a cover that is rated IP68.

    This EC & TDS Sensor has a MODBUS-RTU RS485 serial communications protocol or 0-2V output. It can be easily connected to and integrated with other devices such as data-loggers, controllers, and displays, etc. This cost-effective EC & TDS Sensor features low-power consumption, compact size, portability, and high integration, making it widely applicable in both indoor and outdoor environments.


    • Agriculture
    • Hydroponics and Aquaponics
    • Sewage treatment
    • Research
    • Environmental monitoring




    Output Interface

    Analog Voltage 0-2V

    (Output resistance ~0ohm)




    Power Supply



    Power Consumption (Idle)

    40mA@24V DC

    40mA@24V DC

    Power Consumption (Max)

    80mA@24V DC

    80mA@24V DC

    Start-up Time

    < 2 seconds 

    EC Measurement

    Isolated Sensor Input, Range: 0 - 20000us/cm

    Resolution: 0-10000us/cm, 10us/cm; 100000-20000us/cm, 50us/cm

    Accuracy: 0-10000us/cm, ±3%; 10000-20000us/cm, ±5%

    EC temperature compensation: 0-50°C

    Temperature Measurement

    Range: -40~80°C,

    Resolution: 0.1°C,

    Accuracy: ±0.5°C

    IP Ratings



    Operating Temperature

     -40 ~ +85°C


    Electrode:1/2"NPT screw threads

    Transmitter:Mounting hole

    Cable Length

    Power and Signal Cable:2 meters or Customize

    Electrode Cable:5 meters


    Electrode:1/2"NPT screw threads






    Wiring Diagram



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