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M27289M07S Arducam M12 Mount Camera Lens LN013

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  • M27289M07S Arducam M12 Camera Lens LN013

    This is a low distortion lens with less than1% optical distortion. Lenses like this are really helpful if you would like to avoid any "fisheye" effect as much as possible. The native Horizontal Field of view (HFOV) of this lens is 110 degrees, but on a 1/4" sensor (like OV2640/OV5647), the HFOV would be 70 degrees.

    Arducam Lens M27280M07S featuring low distortion

    Model No: M27280M07S

    Mount: M12×P0.5(sometimes referred to as S mount)

    Effective Focal Length (EFL): 2.8 mm

    HFOV on 1/4" sensor: 70

    Native HFOV(on 1/2.7") :110

    More M12 Lens Option:



      1. Choose a suitable lens holder as follows:

      a) Determine the lens holder height listed in the lens specifications for your selected lens. If you use a different lens holder height, you might not be able to focus the lens at all.

      b) Ensure that the lens holder matches the screw hole pitch of your camera board. Lens holders are available with18mm and 20mm pitches.

      2. If required, the thread gap between the lens and lens holder can be filled with damping grease or similar glue in order to fix the lens in position after focusing.

      3. Specks of dust or tiny bubblers might be visible on the image while focusing the lens. These will disappear when the lens is in focus, and will not affect image quality.

      4. When focusing or replacing a lens, do not screw the lens into the lens holder too deep, otherwise the lens might touch and damage the image sensor. Often, focusing a lens is performed while monitoring the image quality on a video screen. A blurry image will result if the lens is screwed in either too deep or too shallow from where it is in focus.

      5. You have to manually remove the IR filter at the bottom of the lenses when using them with a NoIR camera


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