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Industrial Raspberry Pi 4B PLC CPU Expandable I/Os (Pi included)

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    Industrial Raspberry Pi 4B PLC CPU Expandable I/Os (Pi included)

    Each Level Expansion Options: 

    Option1 - ADR IOs: 6 Inputs & 11 Outputs. 2x Digital Optoisolated Inputs (5-24Vdc), which 2x can work as Interrupt Inputs (5-24Vdc) & 4x Analog Inputs (0-10Vdc). 8x Relay Outputs (220Vac-5A) & 3x Digital Output (5-24Vdc)/Analog output (0-10Vdc), No additional boards, No additional board)

    Option2 - AD IOs: 13 Inputs & 8 Outputs. 7x Digital Optoisolated Inputs (5-24Vdc), which 2x can work as Interrupt Input (5-24Vdc), & 6x Analog Inputs (0-10Vdc). 5x Digital Optoisolated Outputs (5-24Vdc) & 3x Analog (0-10Vdc)/Digital Outputs (5-24Vdc).

    Ethernet: Yes
    I2C: Yes
    SPI: Yes
    Serial TTL: Yes
    Wifi & Bluetooth LE: Yes
    # Communications #: Bluetooth
    µSD Card Socket: Yes
    RTC: Yes
    UPS: Yes

    Modular PLC

    This is the first industrial equipment based on the Raspberry Pi technology designed for professional use. It also contains several communication ports which provide more flexibility and control. The Raspberry PLC family offers the possibility to expand up to 127 modules through I2C, which means that you can have until 7100 Inputs / Outputs in Master-Slave connections, additionally to sensors, etc…

    Instantaneous connection and coding

    The Raspberry PLC  is programmed through USB ports. This PLC can also be programmed through the Ethernet port remotely. This offers immediate access to program, maintenance and control. Also, you can continuously monitor the status of all the variables, inputs, outputs, etc.

    The PLC Raspberry Pi most important features listed below:


    Secure your operating system, your current processes and your data with an uninterrupted power supply that guarantees a clean shutdown in case of a power failure.


    The Raspberry Pi allows processing at high speed compared to most common PLCs.


    Work with applications in real-time and allowing multi-process.

    LINUX or Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian)

    All the power, flexibility and features of the Linux Operating System. Use Linux or Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian), the Debian-based solution from Raspberry Pi.


    Thanks to the dual Ethernet ports, the dual RS-485, WiFI, Bluetooth, CAN bus and other options, you can connect to a large number of devices and to use multiple protocols and communication ports.


    A great number of applications require working with RTC. The PLC Raspberry Pi allows you the use of this feature with the internal clock that guarantees the current time and date to keep track of the right time.

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