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WisBlock LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

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    WisBlock LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

    WisBlock Kit 3 comes with a GPS tracker sensor to detect the movement of the sensor.

    Setup: Localization data are acquired with a GPS module and the location information is sent to a LoRaWan® server when the sensor changes location


    WisBlock Kit 3 is a LoRa® -based GPS Tracker.

    WisBlock Kit 3 is a GPS tracker with a sensor that can be used to detect change of location for a set time interval. Use this kit for tracking and monitoring of cargo, vehicles, and marine vessels. The localization data acquired using the GPS module and the location information is sent to a LoRaWAN server when the sensor changes location.

    WisBlock Kit 3 is encased in a sturdy box made for outdoor industrial IoT applications.

    Key Features

    • RAK5005-O

      • Easy Plug'n'Play slots for WisBlock Core MCU, WisBlock Sensor, and other WisBlock modules
      • Small form factor
      • Supports 3 different power supply sources
      • Optimized for low power consumption applications
      • I2C, UART, GPIO's an analog input accessible with solder contacts
      • 2 user-definable LED's
      • Reset button
      • USB debug port
      • 1 slot for WisBlock Core MCU
      • 4 slots for WisBlock Sensor sensor modules
      • 1 slot for another WisBlock extension modules
    • RAK4631

      • LoRaWan® 1.0.2 protocol stack (supports Class A & C)
      • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 protocol stack
      • Nordic nRF52840
      • Wide range of connections
      • Semtech SX1262
    • RAK1904

      • Using the ST LIS3DH acceleration sensor
      • Low power consumption
      • Small form factor
      • User-selectable scales of ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g
      • Data acquisition rates from 1Hz to 5.3kHz.
      • Internal buffer for 32 levels of 16-bit data
    • RAk1910

      • Using the U-Blox MAX-7Q GPS module
      • GNSS support for GPS/QZSS and GLONASS
      • Low power consumption
      • Small form factor
      • Fast location fix.
      • High accuracy of 2.5m
      • 10Hz update rate
      • 1 m/s velocity accuracy
      • 5 degrees Heading accuracy

    Package Inclusion

    • RAK5005-O
    • RAK4631
    • RAK1904
    • RAK1910
    • RAKBox-B4
    • LoRa Antenna
    • BLE Antenna
    • GPS Antenna

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