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M32 Internet of Things Module for MS14N-S

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M32 Internet of Things Module for MS14N-S

M32 Internet of Things module is designed for the ease of programming and installation of IoT projects. It is a plug-in module for MS14N-S and powered by an AVR ATmega32u4 microcontroller.

M32 is Arduino Yun compatible, it communicates with MS14N-S CPU via SPI and UART interface and provides the power / GPIOs via the 14 positions screw terminal on MS14N-S. M32 can be programmed by the latest Arduino IDE. The board type in Arduino IDE is "Arduino Yun".

With the combination of MS14N-S, M32 and Arduino Yun software, users can install Internet of Things projects in an easy and rapid way. 

More about M32 in this link.

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