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Milesight VS133 AI LoRaWAN ToF People Counting Sensor

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    Milesight VS133 AI LoRaWAN ToF People Counting Sensor

    The VS133 is a next-generation people counting sensor with an embedded AI algorithm that allows to filter unnecessary counts and distinguish different crowds, greatly improving accuracy and scenario adaptation for optimal performance.

    • On-Board AI Algorithm
    • 2nd Generation ToF Technology
    • 100% Anonymous Detection (GDPR Compliant)
    • Industry-leading 99.8% Accuracy
    • Staff Detection and Adults/Children Differentiation
    • Smart U-Turn & Bi-Directional Counting
    • Great Compatibility for Extended Applications
    • Strong Universality to Be Adaptable for Diverse Scenarios

    On-Board AI Algorithm

    It is a next-generation people counting sensor with an embedded AI algorithm that allows to filter unnecessary counts and distinguish different crowds, greatly improving accuracy and scenario adaptation for optimal performance.

    2nd Generation ToF Technology

    Based on the favorable ToF (Time of Flight) technology which features high accuracy and anonymous protection, the sensor revolutionarily adapts the upgraded technology with stronger performances, higher precision, and better scenario adaptability to boost application.

    AI ToF People Counting Sensor Whitepaper 

    100% Anonymous Detection

    The sensor is compliant with GDPR. It only gets in-depth images without involving personally identifiable information based on ToF technology, which protection at source.

    Industry-Leading 99.8% Accuracy

    With more robust ToF technology and people counting algorithm, the sensor can better filter non-object targets, lessen undetected probability, reduce dependence on installation height, and improve light anti-interference performance, contributing to an unparalleled 99.8% accuracy.

    Accuracy Test Report

    Accuracy Test Video 

    Superior Recognition Performances

    More than just the reliable counting of people in both directions simultaneously, the smart sensor also gives direct access to recognize specific categories of individuals including staff detection and adult/children differentiation, realizing precise people counting to optimize operational efficiency.

    Multi-Device Stitching

    With simple configurations, the sensor can smoothly fuse up to 4 sensors to extend the covering area. The quadruple insights offer a clearer picture of the number in the large target area for more integrated and valuable information.

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    Regional People Counting & Dwell Time

    By accurately capturing foot traffic and duration within a maximum 4 customized regions, the users can gain actionable insights to improve queue management in various applications encompassing check-out counters and any evaluation related to number and dwell time. The people passing by can be filtered by custom settings to truly realize precise counting.

    Advanced Heat Map

    The sensor captures people's flow, duration of stay, and motion to generate a comprehensive heat map. It provides deeper insights by visually representing the distribution and intensity of foot traffic, enhancing the understanding of customer/consumer behavior, and allowing for the optimization on user experiences, store layouts, and data-driven decision-making.

    Smart Bi-Directional People Counting

    Counting people in and out concurrently enriches the applications to bring more accurate and straightforward Information. By detecting the U-shape tracks, the sensor filters out redundant counting of people wandering the area to distinguish people who don't truly enter.

    User-Friendly UI Design

    The sensor helps to understand visitor flow and occupancy trends by showing valuable data in well-designed interfaces with a better interactive experience, more comfortable configuration processes, and more intuitive report display.


    People Counting
    ToF FoV 98 ° Horizontal, 80 ° Vertical
    ToF Light Beam 940nm (Invisible)
    Measuring Accuracy < 3.5cm
    Detection Range 0.5 to 3.5 m
    Installation Height ≤ 3.5m
    Recognition Rate Up to 99.8%
    Advanced Feature Customized Multiple Counting Lines, Filter U-turns, Bi-directional Counting, Children/Adults Differentiation, Staff Detection
    LoRaWAN® Transmission
    Protocol LoRaWAN®
    Frequency CN470/IN865/RU864/EU868/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923-1&2&3&4
    Tx Power 16 dBm (868 MHz)/20 dBm (915 MHz)/19 dBm (470 MHz)
    Sensitivity -137 dBm @300bps
    Mode OTAA/ABP Class C
    Other Interfaces
    Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
    (AP Mode for configuration)
    Button 1 × Wi-Fi/Reset Button
    LED Indicators 1 × RGB LED Indicator
    Power Input 1 × DC Jack Connector
    Physical Characteristics
    Local Storage 4GB Flash to store one million data
    Power Supply 12VDC / 2A
    Power Consumption Typical 7.8 W, max 22.2 W
    Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
    Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
    Ingress Protection IP40
    Dimension 180 × 26 × 72 mm
    Installation Ceiling Mounting, Extended Ceiling Mounting & Lintel Mounting (with Optional Multifunctional Bracket)




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