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RAK2245 Pi HAT LoRaWAN module 8 Channels with Raspberry Pi form factor SX1301

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  • RAK2245 Pi HAT LoRaWAN module 8 Channels with Raspberry Pi form factor SX1301


    RAK2245 Pi HAT is a module with Raspberry Pi form factor which can be plugged into Raspberry Pi such as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ as a complete RF front end of LoRa gateway. Built-in RAK2245 is supporting eight channels and available all the variants for use in global bands, this ultra-compact module measures just 60rnm x 30mm x 14.9mm and is believed to be the world's smallest LoRaWAN gateway module include GPS module & Heat Sink. It can enable the fast provision of low data rate LoRa radio links, the module comprises a Semtech SX1301 transceiver concentrator capable of managing packets from many remotely dispersed end-points, two Semtech SX125X highly integrated RF front end I/Q transceivers. The RAK2245 Pi HAT is a complete and cost-efficient LoRa gateway solution to help you realize the whole LoRa system development. It is also ideal for manufacturing of small series and can expand more applications.

    New Features

    • The GPS module on the RAK2245 can now be accessed from the Raspberry Pi via 12C in addition to the UART interface provided in the RAK831. Software to communicate over 12C will be provided by RAK.
    • The accurate 1 pulse-per-second (1 PPS) signal from the GPS is connected internally on RAK2245 Pi HAT to the LORa baseband chip. This enables native, very accurate, LORa timestamps without the previous cable connection needed on RAK831.
    • The RAK2245 Pi HAT now has a built-in ID EEPROM following the Raspberry Pi HAT convention to identify and configure the HAT.
    • Full LoRaWAN 1.0.2 stack support
    • Integrated Ublox MAX-7Q GPs Module

    Raspberry Pi GPIO port Numbering

    First some basic information about a Raspberry Pi, the GPIO port and the numbering scheme.

    All models of the Raspberry Pi have the same pin connection on the 40 Pin headers. Earlier had 26 pins which have the same functions as the first 26 pins of the 40 pin header. However, the RAK831 and RAK2245 Pi HAT require the 40 pin version to operate Pins are referenced by the physical (hardware) pin number (1-40) and by their software function

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