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TMP1200 RTD Phidget

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    TMP1200 RTD Phidget

    Measure RTDs, thermistors, and other resistance-based sensors with this VINT port adapter.

    This revision of the TMP1200 differs from the _0 revision in the following ways:

    • VINT filter improves immunity to interference and increases maximum VINT cable length (see Specifications tab for more info)
    • Greatly improved accuracy and drift, especially in 3-wire mode
    • Minimum Data Interval is now 333ms

    The TMP1200 allows you to precisely measure temperature using RTDs, thermistors, and other resistance-based sensors. A resistance temperature detector measures subtle temperature changes using the resistance of the element made of a pure metal (usually platinum). The resistance value will change in a precise and repeatable way. The RTD Phidget measures these subtle resistance changes, so you can get the most accurate temperature measurements. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub.


    • Connect one resistance temperature detector (RTD)
    • Select the number of wires (2, 3, or 4) and the RTD type via the software
    • The adapter does all the math - sampled temperature in degrees Celsius.
    • Read thermistors and other resistive sensors - receive the data in ohms


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