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D22-NB NB-IoT Waterproof Temperature Sensor (2 probes)

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    D22-NB NB-IoT Waterproof Temperature Sensor (2 probes)

    The Dragino D22-NB is a NB-IoT Temperature Sensor for Internet of Things solution. D22-NB will convert the Temperature reading to upload the sensor data sent to IoT platform via NB-IoT network.

    The temperature sensor used in D22-NB can measure -55°C ~ 125°C with accuracy ±0.5°C (max ±2.0 °C).

    D22-NB supports a temperature alarm feature, user can set a temperature alarm for instant notice. D22-NB supports the Datalog feature, it can save the data when there is no NB-IoT network and uplink when the network recovers.

    D22-NB supports different uplink methods including MQTT, MQTTs, UDP & TCP for different application requirements, and supports uplinks to various IoT Servers.

    D22-NB supports BLE configure and OTA updates which make users easy to use.

    D22-NB is powered by an 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery, it is designed for long-term use up to several years.

    D22-NB has optional built-in SIM card and default IoT server connection version. Which makes it works with simple configuration.


    • NB-IoT Bands:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B28/B66/B70/B85 @H-FDD
    • Ultra Low Power Consumption
    • 2 x DS18B20 Temperature probes
    • Measure range: -55°C ~ 125°C
    • Temperature alarm
    • IP66 Waterproof Enclosure
    • Support BLE remote configure and update firmware
    • Uplink on periodically
    • Downlink to change configure
    • 8500mAh Battery for long-term use
    • Nano SIM card slot for NB-IoT SIM


    Common DC Characteristics :

    • Supply Voltage: 2.5v ~ 3.6v
    • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 85°C

    Temperature Sensor :

    • Dallas DS18B20
    • Range: -55 to + 125°C
    • Accuracy ±0.5°C (max ±2.0 °C).

    LoRa Spec : 

    NB-IoT Module: BC660K-GL

    Support Bands: 

    • B1 @H-FDD: 2100MHz
    • B2 @H-FDD: 1900MHz
    • B3 @H-FDD: 1800MHz
    • B4 @H-FDD: 2100MHz
    • B5 @H-FDD: 860MHz
    • B8 @H-FDD: 900MHz
    • B12 @H-FDD: 720MHz
    • B13 @H-FDD: 740MHz
    • B17 @H-FDD: 730MHz
    • B18 @H-FDD: 870MHz
    • B19 @H-FDD: 870MHz
    • B20 @H-FDD: 790MHz
    • B25 @H-FDD: 1900MHz
    • B28 @H-FDD: 750MHz
    • B66 @H-FDD: 2000MHz
    • B70 @H-FDD: 2000MHz
    • B85 @H-FDD: 700MHz

    Battery :

    • Li/SOCI2 un-chargeable battery
    • Capacity: 8500mAh
    • Self-Discharge: <1% / Year @ 25°C
    • Max continuous current: 130mA
    • Max boost current: 2A, 1 second

    Power Consumption: 

    • STOP Mode: 10uA @ 3.3v
    • Max transmit power: 350mA@3.3v



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