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DIN-rail Serial RS232 to Ethernet converter USR-DR301

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  • DIN-rail Serial RS232 to Ethernet converter USR-DR301

    Din Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converters USR-DR301 can transmit data transparently between TCP/IP and RS232, which are widely used in industrial automation.

    ● Simple configuration and easy to use.
    ● Compact, Light Weight
    ● Supports TCP server/client, UDP server/client
    ● Virtual COM ● RS232 Port: Terminal Type
    ● Industrial-grade, DIN-Rail mounting






    Work Voltage

    DC 5.0~36.0 V

    Work Current


    Ethernet Port


    Serial Port Baud rate


    Serial Port

    RS232*1 (Terminal Type)


    Network Protocol


    IP Type

    Static IP, DHCP




    Software, Web-page, AT command

    Work Mode

    TCP Server/TCP Client/

    UDP Server/UDP Client

    Modbus RTU to TCP

    Similar RFC2217


    httpsd Client


    TCP Server Connection

     Support to connect max 8 TCP client

    Network Caching

    Send: 6Kbyte, Receive:4Kbyte

    Serial Port Caching


    Average Transmission Delay



    VCOM, USRIOT_Cloud, Setup software, test proforma

    Packaging Mechanism

    4 bytes package time

    1024 bytes package length






    CE, RoHs,FCC


    IP30, 1.5KV



    Work Temp


    Storage Temp


    Work Humidity

    5%~95% RH

    Storage Temp

    5%~95% RH


    Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301
    Basic Function of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301

    Basic Function of Din Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converter USR-DR301

    Realize bidirectional transparent transmission
    between RS232 and Ethernet

    DIN-rail mounting feature

    DIN-rail mounted RS232 to Ethernet Converter USR-DR301

    Small size, easy to manage and maintain, cost-effective

    Function Diagram of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 

    Function Diagram

    Working mode of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301

    Working mode

    Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 will initiate TCP connection to the destination IP address
    that configured by the user and serial to Ethernet converter will continuously try to reconnect
    if establishing TCP connection unsuccessfully.

    Working mode of USR-DR301: TCP client

    Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 monitors the set port and waits
    for a TCP client connection. Data from the serial device will transmit
    to all successfully-connected via serial to Ethernet converter.

    Working mode of USR-DR301: TCP Server

    USR-DR301 only communicates with the target interface of the target IP,
    thus to assure the accuracy of data transmission.

    Working mode of USR-DR301: UDP Server

    DR301 can transmit the data automatically to the last time transferred
    device after receiving the data, which is suitable for multi-network
    devices that need to communicate with the DR301.

    Working mode of USR-DR301: httpsD Client

    DR301 supports the function of transmitting the serial data to the
    specified server in the form of httpsD (GET/POST).

    Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 supports Modbus gateway function

    Support Modbus gateway

    More functions of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301: Virtual serial software,Network Heartbeat Packet

    More functions

    Virtual serial software

    Solve the problem of PC software
    as a serial port can not communicate
    with networking device.

    Network Heartbeat Packet

    Serial server maintains the normal
    connection with the server by sending
    heartbeat packet regularly.

    Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 functions:Identity Heartbeat Packet,USRIOT Cloud

    Identity Heartbeat Packet

    When 301 works as TCP Client, it can send identity packet
    packet to TCP server which can be identification.
    Identity packet can be IMEI code, ICCID code
    and user editable identity packet.

    USRIOT Cloud

    USR-DR301 can realize the bidirectional transparent
    transmission between the server and terminal device
    through USRIOT Cloud quickly.

    Product details of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter: PC+ABSC material, portable, low cost, V0 flame retardant

    Product details

    PC+ABSC material, portable, low cost, V0 flame retardant,
    ensure the safety of the product.

    Application of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301:Power data networking transmission

    Power data networking transmission

    Small size which is available for narrow space;
    DIN-rail mounting, easy to install on the wall;
    The terminal data of the distribution box can quickly convert into the network data,
    real-time communication, reduce the cost effectively.

    Application of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301: Unattended Weighing

    Unattended Weighing

    Connect serial to ethernet converter USR-DR301 to barrier gate and it can realize remote control
    of barrier gate by Ethernet in control center.

    Application of Din rail RS232 serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301:Traffic Lights Management System


    Features of RS232 to Ethernet Converters

    • Support DHCP, automatically obtain an IP address and query IP address through serial setting protocol
    • Support DNS function
    • Set parameters through web page
    • Upgrade firmware via network
    • Auto-MDI/MDIX, RJ45 port with 10/100Mbps
    • Serial port baud rate from 600 bps to 230.4 Kbps, Check bit of None, Odd, Even, Mark and Space
    • Work mode: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server, HTTP Client
    • Support virtual serial port and provide corresponding software USR-VCOM
    • Heartbeat package mechanism to ensure connection is reliable, put an end to dead link
    • User-defined registration package mechanism, check connection status and use as custom packet header
    • Under TCP Server mode, Client number ranges from 1 to 16; default number is 4
    • The global unique MAC address bought from IEEE, user can define MAC address
    • Restore factory default
    • Across the gateway, switches, routers
    • Can work in LAN, also can work in the Internet (external network)
    • Provide PC TCP/IP socket programming example such as VB, C++, Delphi, Android and IOS
    • Support customization

    Application Field of RS232 to Ethernet Converters

    • Industrial data transmission, industrial automation
    • security and protection monitoring, public security
    • Smart home, power control, environmental monitoring, intelligent agriculture
    • Door check on work attendance system, POS system, rice selling system
    • Building automation system, power monitoring, self-service banking system, telecom machine room monitoring

    Note: This kit also includes the AU power adapter.

    Quick User Guide

    USR-DR301 Quick Start Guide

    [User Manual] USR-DR301-User-Manual

    Application Software

    [USR-VCOM] VCOM_Setup_EN_V4.0.6.1
    [USR-TCP-Test] Testing Software
    [USR-TCP-Test_android] Testing Software 
    [USR-M0] USR-M0 Setup Software V2.2.4.288



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