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MDS120-NB NB-IoT Microwave Radar Distance Sensor

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    MDS120-NB NB-IoT Microwave Radar Distance Sensor

    The Dragino MDS120-NB is a  NB-IoT Microwave Radar distance Sensor for the Internet of Things solution. It uses use Microwave Radar to detect the distance between sensor and different objects. Different from ultrasonic or Lidar measurement. Microwave Radar is more reliable for condensation / dusty environments. It can sense correct distance even if there is water or think dust on top of the sensor.

    The MDS120-NB can be applied to scenarios such as horizontal distance measurement, parking management system, object proximity and presence detection, intelligent trash can management system, robot obstacle avoidance, automatic control, sewer, etc.

    MDS120-NB supports different uplink methods including MQTT, MQTTs, UDP & TCP for different application requirement, and support uplinks to various IoT Servers.

    MDS120-NB supports BLE configure and OTA update which make users easy to use.

    MDS120-NB is powered by an 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery, it is designed for long-term use up to several years.

    MDS120-NB has an optional built-in SIM card and default IoT server connection version. Which makes it work with a simple configuration.


    • NB-IoT Bands: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B28/B66/B70/B85 @H-FDD
    • Ultra-low power consumption
    • 60Ghz Microwave Radar for distance detection
    • Measure Range: 200mm ~ 12000mm
    • Accuracy: ±(3mm + S*0.2%). S: Measure Value
    • Measurement Angle: 25 degrees horizontal and 23 degrees vertical
    • Multiply Sampling and one uplink
    • Support Bluetooth v5.1 remote configure and update firmware
    • Uplink on periodically
    • Downlink to change configure
    • 8500mAh Battery for long term use
    • Nano SIM card slot for NB-IoT SIM 


    • Horizontal distance measurement
    • Liquid level measurement
    • Parking management system
    • Object proximity and presence detection
    • Intelligent trash can management system
    • Robot obstacle avoidance
    • Automatic control
    • Sewer
    • Bottom water level monitoring 


    Common DC Characteristics: 

    • Supply Voltage: 2.5v ~ 3.6v
    • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 85°C 

    Radar probe specification:

    • Measuring Method: FMCW
    • Frequency: 60 GHz
    • Measure Range : 200mm ~ 12000mm
    • Accuracy: ± (3mm + S*0.2%). S: Measure Value
    • Resolution: 0.01m
    • Measurement Angle : 25 degrees horizontal and 23 degrees vertical

    LoRa Spec: 

    NB-IoT Module: BC660K-GL 

    Support Bands: 

    • B1 @H-FDD: 2100MHz
    • B2 @H-FDD: 1900MHz
    • B3 @H-FDD: 1800MHz
    • B4 @H-FDD: 2100MHz
    • B5 @H-FDD: 860MHz
    • B8 @H-FDD: 900MHz
    • B12 @H-FDD: 720MHz
    • B13 @H-FDD: 740MHz
    • B17 @H-FDD: 730MHz
    • B18 @H-FDD: 870MHz
    • B19 @H-FDD: 870MHz
    • B20 @H-FDD: 790MHz
    • B25 @H-FDD: 1900MHz
    • B28 @H-FDD: 750MHz
    • B66 @H-FDD: 2000MHz
    • B70 @H-FDD: 2000MHz
    • B85 @H-FDD: 700MHz 


    • Li/SOCI2 un-chargeable battery
    • Capacity: 8500mAh
    • Self-Discharge: <1% / Year @ 25°C
    • Max continuous current: 130mA
    • Max boost current: 2A, 1 second

    Power Consumption:

    •  STOP Mode: 10uA @ 3.3v
    •  Max transmit power:  350mA@3.3v



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