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Milesight UG56 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway 8-CH WiFi POE

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    Milesight UG56 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway 8-CH WiFi POE 

    UG56 is a high-performance 8-channel LoRaWAN® gateway that offers reliable connectivity for industrial applications.

    • Industrial-Grade Design
    • Listen Before Talk
    • Gateway Fleet
    • Free Embedded Network Server
    • Multiple Backhaul Connectivities
    • Global LoRaWAN® Frequency Plans

    Penetrating Obstructions Through and Through

    Penetrate three floors up and down in the building, and cover a radius of up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas.

    Towards Massive Connectivity for IoT Deployments

    • 8 Channels
    • Quad-core CPU

    Adopting Semtech SX1302 LoRa chip, UG56 supports connection
    with more than 2000 LoRaWAN® nodes.

    Optimizing Coverage and Placement Concurrently

    The compact size makes it possible to embed UG56 into a small equipment cabinet. Users can install the magnetic antenna or fiber-glass antenna (optional) at a signal-optimized place to cover more areas.

    Gateway Fleet

    The Gateway Fleet feature enables multiple agent gateways to transmit received data to one controller gateway, which facilitates the deployment and management of the LoRaWAN® network.

    Listen Before Talk

    UG56 supports Listen Before Talk which makes it possible for multiple devices to share the same channel, reduce channel conflict and improve the overall transmission environment.

    Enabling Multiple Backhaul Connectivities

    Stay connected via Ethernet, cellular, and Wi-Fi.

    Supporting Multiple Network Servers

    Besides the built-in network server, UG56 is also compatible with multiple network server platforms like TTN, ChirpStack, Everynet, Senet, etc.

    Integrating with Building Management System Using BACnet

    With support for BACnet/IP, real-time data can be seamlessly integrated into
    existing Building Management System (BMS).

    BACnet over LoRaWAN®LoRaWAN® as a Complementary Network

    • LoRaWAN® serves as the data channel to the control applications
    • No changes to the BACnet protocol, network, or BACnet-enabled devices and management systems are needed
    • LoRaWAN® network is independent of the core BACnet infrastructure
    • The LoRaWAN® network feeds data to the BMS through a virtual BACnet server
    • LoRaWAN® data and sensors appear to be part of the BACnet system
    Learn How to Integrate LoRaWAN® Sensor to BACnet



    UG56 Datasheet

    UG56 User Guide 


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