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PHPoC Expansion Board - RS232 Serial Board (PES-2201)

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PHPoC Expansion Board - RS232 Serial Board (PES-2201)

PHPoC IoT Boards are for industrial IoT solution. Sollae Systems offer two options: PHPoC Blue and PHPoC Black suitable to your network environment.
PHPoC expansion boards have developed and been developing to give more convenience.

RS232 Board is a PHPoC expansion board designed for RS232 communication.
The type of the communication port is D-SUB9 and RTS/CTS flow control is available.

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- 9 pin D-sub male interface for RS232
- 2.54mm pitch 1x4 hole for RS232
- UART jumper (either UART0 or UART1)
- RTS/CTS jumper (either EN-enabled or DIS-disabled)

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