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RAK Sensor Probe IO Multi Protocols

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    RAK Sensor Probe IO Multi Protocols

    The Sensor Probe IO is an accessory for the Sensor Hub solution platform. It supports various communication protocols like RS-485, SDI-12, 4-20 mA signal, and DI/DO.

    The Probe IO allows the connection of RAKwireless modules as well as third-party sensors to the Sensor Hub ecosystem. RAK provides the Probe IO with a selection of sensors that you can connect and configure via the WisToolBox app to ensure the best solution for your project.

    The Sensor Probe IO is weatherproof with an IP67 rating and can be used indoors or outdoors.

    Several Sensor Probe IOs can be connected to a single Sensor Hub port using the Splitter cable. The distance between the Sensor Hub and Sensor Probe can be extended with the Extension cable.

    NOTE: The Sensor Probe IO needs an external power supply to be connected to the Sensor Hub.

    NOTE: The Probe IO could not be used as a standalone product. You need the RAK2560 Sensor Hub in order to use this probe.


    • Support one RS-485 device
    • Support one SDI-12 device
    • Support one 4-20 mA device
    • Support two DO (dry contact)
    • Support one DI
    • Supply 5V / VIN / 24V (1A) power.
    • One-wire protocol
    • Waterproof (IP67-rated for the probe body)

    Supported Sensors

    Sensor Sensor type Description Parameters Cable length
    RK 900-09 Weather Station RK900-09 miniature ultrasonic weather station is a high-precision sensor, which integrates an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor, and a high-precision digital temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor. It can accurately and quickly detect wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, and atmospheric pressure. The weather station has a built-in signal processing unit that can output corresponding signals according to user needs. The high-strength structure design can work reliably in harsh climate environments. Areas, where it can be widely used, are meteorology, ocean, environment, airport, port, laboratory, industry, agriculture, transportation, etc. ● Wind speed: Principle – Ultrasonic; Range - 0-40m/s; Resolution - 0.01m/s; Accuracy - ±0.5+2%FS
    ● Wind direction: Principle – Ultrasonic, Range - 0-359º, Resolution - 1°, Accuracy - ±3°
    ● Atmospheric temperature: Principle – MEMS; Range - -40-+100℃, Resolution - 0.1℃, Accuracy - ±0.5℃
    ● Atmospheric humidity: Principle – MEMS; Range - 0-100%RH; Resolution - 0.1%RH, Accuracy - ±3%
    ● Atmospheric pressure: Principle – MEMS; Range - 10-1100hPa; Resolution - 0.1hpa; Accuracy - ±1.5hPa
    ● Operating temperature: -40-+80℃
    ● IP Rating: IP65
    3.4 m
    RK520-02 Soil moisture, temperature, and conductivity sensor RK520-02 is an integrated agricultural sensor that measures the moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity of the soil. The stainless-steel probe is inserted into the soil surface or soil profile to test quickly. The sensor is with temperature compensation to ensure the accuracy of measurement. The probe can be permanently embedded underground. ● Moisture: Range - 0-100% (m3/m3); Accuracy - ±2%(0-50%), ±3% (51-100%)
    ● Temperature: Range - -30℃-+70℃; Accuracy - ±0.5℃
    ● EC: Range - 0-10mS/cm; Accuracy - ±3%FS
    ● Operating temperature: -40℃-+80℃
    ● Ingress protection: IP68
    ● Probe material: 316L stainless steel
    5 m
    JXBS-3001-PH-RS pH sensor JXBS-3001-PH-RS sensor that is widely used in applications where pH value monitoring is required, such as soil pH measurement.  ● Detect accuracy: +-0.3pH
    ● PH detect range: 3-9pH
    ● Long-term stability: less than or equal to 5%/year
    1.6 m
    ULB16 Water level sensor ULB16 water level sensor is made from stainless steel with rigid and robust construction. The exquisite sealing technology as well as good assembly techniques guarantee the ULB16 level sensor’s outstanding quality & performance.  ● Pressure ranges: 0~1mH2O...200mH2O
    ● Overload pressure: 200%FS
    ● Compensated temperature range: 0~70℃
    ● Operating temperature range: -30~+100℃
    5 m
    RK200-03 Pyranometer solar radiation sensor The RK200-03 Pyranometer sensor measures solar radiation. It is suitable to be used to monitor solar activity in solar parks, solar dependent systems, and others. In order to reduce the ambient temperature effect, a temperature compensation circuit is built into the sensor. ● Spectral range: 300-3200nm
    ● Range: 0-2000W/m2
    ● Sensitivity>: 7-14μV*W-1*m2
    ● Measuring angle: 2π solid angle
    ● Response time: ≤35s(99%)
    ● Stability: ±2%/year
    ● Cosine correction: ≤±7% (Solar elevation angle=10°)
    ● Temperature effect: ±2% (-10℃-+40℃)
    ● Operating temperature: -40℃-+80℃
    2.5 m

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