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SenseCAP K1100 - The Sensor Prototype Kit with LoRa and AI

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    SenseCAP K1100 - The Sensor Prototype Kit with LoRa and AI

    SenseCAP K1100 - The Sensor Prototype Kit with LoRa® and AI enables you to rapidly digitize the world using LoRaWAN® and solve real-world challenges. With this plug-and-play toolkit, anyone can add AI to their edge devices and unlock the potential of AIoT.

    In the digital age where IoT and big data are becoming more prevalent, multi-stakeholders are realizing the significance of accelerating the process of digital transformation for sustainability. How? By bringing computing to the edge for real-world challenges like the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yes, 'SenseCAP K1100 - The Sensor Prototype Kit with LoRa and AI' has been designed to speed up this process. Unlike other toolkits, SenseCAP K1100 comes with all the essential sensors and devices, including a Wio Terminal, an AI Vision Camera, and a LoRaWAN module - that together allows users of all backgrounds and levels to explore the world of AIoT, and co-create DIY sensors for measuring and solving the real-world challenges in their local communities.

    Key Features

    • Deploy in 10 Minutes: Build an AIoT project through 4 steps in 10 minutes
    • Advanced Embedded Technologies: Combination of Machine Learning, LoRaWAN technology, and pre-trained embedded AI Vision Sensor.
    • Great Extensibility: Compatible with 400+ Grove sensors to support extensive applications and customization options
    • Broad Integration: Compatible with Helium Console, SenseCAP Console, Blynk, and other mainstream platforms for Cloud support
    • Open-source Platform: Compatible with beginner-friendly programming platforms enabling co-creation of IoT sensors
    • Upgradable Industrial Sensors: a gateway to the higher-end SenseCAP series of outdoor sensors

    Deploy in 10 Minutes

    SenseCAP K1100 enables people of any background and skillsets to develop AIoT solutions within 10 minutes, by minimizing the processing time from the front end to the cloud system. 

    Advanced Embedded Technologies

     By combining IoT, LoRaWAN, and cloud technologies with a pre-trained Embedded AI Vision Sensor, SenseCAP K1100 provides users with a robust combination of modules and choices to build a project from scratch, develop prototypes, and advance the prototypes into real-world AIoT solutions.

    One of the most highlighted features of SenseCAP K1100 is a 24/7 object detection capacity enabled by a thumb-sized Grove-Vision AI camera: a ready-to-deploy module with pre-trained Machine Learning models perfect for object detection tasks.

    Great Extensibility

    SenseCAP K1100 is compatible with Seeed’s open-source hardware series of Grove sensors. Seeed provides a wide variety of 400+ modules for users to choose from, unleashing myriads of expansion and customization options. How? SenseCAP K1100 contains 2 Grove interfaces on the board so that users can build diverse projects with any Grove sensors they need.

    Broad Integration

    SenseCAP K1100 is integrated with a wide range of cloud services, making it a powerful toolkit for developers to build projects in various ecosystems. Users can easily connect the device to Helium Console, Azure, SenseCAP Console, Blynk, and other mainstream platforms to obtain Cloud support.

    As for SenseCAP Console, SenseCAP K1100 offers free data credit usage for 1 year while providing access to the minimized uploading intervals - 5 minutes.

    Open-source Platform

    SenseCAP K1100 is an open-source prototype kit designed to incentivize the co-creation of IoT sensors to tackle real-world challenges. It is compatible with easy-to-start programming platforms like Arduino for customized coding. In addition, users can also train the Wio Terminal tinyML models using in-build and Grove sensors.

    Get involved in Seeed's "IoT into the Wild" Contest to meet like-minded people worldwide - all motivated to use IoT, AI, and Edge Computing to solve real-life challenges, such as wildlife, biodiversity, and environmental conservation.

    Upgradable and Scalable Industrial Sensors

    SenseCAP K1100 serves as a gateway to the higher-end SenseCAP LoRaWAN series of industrial outdoor sensors. Users can prototype multiple AIoT applications with this kit, after which they can scale them up to the robust, long-life, and industrial SenseCAP sensors.


    • Greenhouse environment monitoring: Monitor data of temperature, humidity, and soil moisture to maintain a suitable environment.
    • Courtyard intrusion detection: Identify humans, animals, and other predefined objects using the AI vision camera pre-trained with multivariable object detection models.
    • Indoor air quality control: Detect gases and carbon dioxide in the air to monitor the indoor air environment.
    • Project pre-development: Run through the prototype of the project, and then turn to the industrial sensor node for professional applications.

    Tiny Plant Health Monitor demo:

    Why not try to quickly build a smart Plant Care system which can monitor your plant's Health( like soil moisture), a long stripe sensor inside the case can help quickly identify the soil water content and tell exactly whether your plant needs watering or not. 

    With a standard Grove connector, you can plug and play after burning your Arduino code into the Wio terminal. (Remember the left Grove connector under the Wio Terminal is for I2C, that’s why you need to connect it with Soil Moisture.) We also provide detailed tutorials on how to use each Grove module, check the Wiki.

    LoRaWAN 6 In 1 Greenhouse application with vision AI demo:

    Greenhouse technology provides humans to Create an Optimum Growing Environment for plants and Protects them from bad weather, pests, and predators. Nowadays people can easily customize the greenhouse according to needs, such as agriculture, horticulture, hydroponic, etc. 

    By fully utilizing our kit, you can build a basic Greenhouse monitoring system, which allows access to LoRa network service through the LoRa-E5 module and Face detection via the Vision AI module. In this demo, you need an additional Grove - I2C hub.

    Thanks to the long transmit distance and low power consumption, you can set several monitoring terminals as you need, each terminal could communicate with other terminals through LoRa. If you need a more compact system with a full enclosure(IP66 level or above) and a data center App, we also provide specialized products. Check the SenseCAP series.

    Part List

    Wio Terminal


    Grove - LoRa-E5


    Grove - VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor SGP30


    Grove - Soil Moisture Sensor


    Grove - Temp&Humi Sensor(SHT40)


    Grove - Vision AI Module


    Grove - Cable


    Grove - 4 pin Male Jumper to Grove 4 pin Conversion Cable



    Quick Start with SenseCAP K1100 - The Sensor Prototype Kit


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