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USR DR132 DR134 Serial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Server Device

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    USR DR132 DR134 Serial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Server Device

    USR-DR132/134 is a new ultra-small-size rail-type serial device server launched by PUSR. It realizes the two-way transparent data transmission between RS485/RS232 and Ethernet, integrates 1 serial port and 1 Ethernet port with a rate of 10/100Mbps.





    Power Supply

    Power Input

    5-24V DC

    Working Current


    Power Interface

    Push-type Connector

    Hardware Interface

    Ethernet Port

    1*RJ45, 10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX

    Serial Pors

    USR-DR132: 1*RS232
    USR-DR134: 1*RS485

    Baud Rate


    Data bits

    7, 8

    Stop bit

    1, 2

    Parity bit

    Odd, Even, Mark, Space supported when data bits are 7;
    None, Odd, Even supported when data bits are 7

    Reload Button

    Reset to factory settings



    Physical Parameters

    EMC Protection

    IEC 61000-4-2(ESD): Level 2
    IEC 61000-4-4(EFT): Level 2
    IEC 61000-4-5(Surge): Level 2


    74*24*22 mm


    35mm DIN-Rail,
    Mounting Hole

    Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature


    Operating Humidity

    5%~95% RH(non-condensing)

    Storage Humidity

    5%~95% RH(non-condensing)


    Network Protocols


    IP Address

    DHCP, Static


    Configurable DNS


    AT Command, Built-in webpage, Config Utility

    Work Mode

    TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP Client, UDP Server, HTTP Client

    Modbus Gateway

    Modbus RTU/TCP protocol conversion,
    Modbus Polling,
    Modbus RTU to Json

    TCP Server

    Up to 16 clients

    Packaging mechanism

    Packaging Time: 4-byte data transmission time
    Packaging Length: 400 Bytes



    USR-DR132/134 | “Lipstick” Size Serial Server DeviceThe USR-DR132/134 is an ultra-small size serial server device with one serial port. It can realize transparent transmission between RS485/RS232 and Ethernet ports. It supports timeout restart, DHCP, DNS and other advanced features such as heartbeat packet, registration packet etc. It can make it easy for data transmitting of the field serial device.

    Key Features
    • Lipstick” Size: Save Your Space
    • Rich Protocols: TCP/UDP/HTTP/DHCP/DNS
    • Modbus Gateway: Modbus TCP/RTU conversion, Modbus RTU to JSON
    • Easy Config: AT command, built-in webpage, config utility
    Serial to Ethernet,
    Bidirectional Transparent Data Tata Transmission
    With serial device server, traditional serial devices can be connected to local networks and the Internet Then users can transform traditional serial device into loT device.
    Ingenious Design, Beyond OrdinaryIn a space no larger than a finger, multiple industrial-grade components are integrated to ensure the stable operation of the product.
    One More Thing, Modbus GatewayConnect to PLC, SCADA system or user’s private server to achieve local or remote motoring.
    Multiple User Scenarios
    • Multi-user Access
      In TCP server mode, it suppports multiple TCP clients acess, so it can realize multi-user control of serial devices.
    • Multi-device Management
      The USR-DR132/134 device connects to the central server for centralized management of serial devices.
    Multiple User Scenarios
    • Virtual-COM Software
      This feature can infinitely extend the serial cable,allowing communication to no longer be limited by distance.
    • Point-to-Point Communication
      Using this method, it is possible to achieve data communication between two serial devices.
    Additional Features
    • Heartbeat Packet
      Server can detect abnormal disconnection from the client using this feature(DR3X as an TCP client)
    • Registration Packet
      The server can identify different clients by using registration packets.
    Ultra-small Size
    • 3 Practical Designs, Easy Your Installation
    • Ultra-small size like a lipstic, can be applied to various scenarios, especially the small box.
    • Appearance patent number: 202130367085.8
    Easy connection Push-type, pluggable wire connector, easy wiring, no need for additional tools such as screwdrivers.
    • Push wire connector
    • Pluggable wire connector
    High Reliability Design
    • Watchdog Protection Hardware & software dual watchdog to ensure stable operation.
    • EMC Protection: Level 2
    • Auto Re-Connection Automatically monitor connection status, and reconnect once disconnet.
    • Wide Operating Temp -40℃ ~ 85℃, industrial grade design, stable operation in harsh environments.
    ApplicationsThe card reader or video input device is connected to the USR-DR13X via a serial port. The serial port server transmits the serial device information over the local area network to the central control system. After information comparison, the central control system determines whether to allow personnel in and out of the access control system.




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